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Nancy Pelosi booed as she took the stage at an event in New York City: video

On Saturday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stunned on stage at a music extravaganza, apparently being booed by some in attendance.

Pelosi, a California Democrat, performs at the International Citizens Music Beauty Pageant at the Metropolitan New York. Since 2012, International Poverty Ventures has held an annual beauty pageant in the metropolis with the aim of ending excessive poverty in many parts of the world. Metallica, Mariah Carey and the Jonas Brothers all performed at the 12-month event.

Pelosi was mentioned on stage Friday night by actress, musician and activist Priyanka Chopra. When she took the stage and talked about her efforts to cope with local weather changes, many viewers started booing her. A self-proclaimed current man shared a video on Twitter with the controversial “alt-right” identifying Jack Posobiec. As of Sunday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 167,000 times.

Throughout her time on stage, Pelosi reportedly referenced efforts by Congress to tackle carbon emissions. The family spokesman was later pictured with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and her husband Paul Pelosi. It was one of the couple’s few public outings, as the latter was arrested for DUI in Napa Valley, California, in May.

“As Speaker of the House, I’m here to thank you for your excellent advocacy, your entrepreneurial spirit and your dedication as a citizen of the world,” Pelosi said, mocked by some in the crowd. “Thanks to your assistance, the United States recently enacted historic local weather legislation that could transform the sport. By 2030, it will reduce carbon air pollution by 40% and provide a historic $370 billion dollars to help with local weather disasters.”

Nancy Pelosi booed at music festival
Above is a photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a 2016 press conference. Not long ago, Pelosi was booed during her stage performance at the International Citizens pageant Saturday night in the New York Mets.
Chipso Mode Villa/Getty Photos

“I’m Nancy Pelosi,” one bemused attendee said while recording efficiency. “Why is everyone booing?”

Given that the pageant’s goal is to address poverty and local weather changes, it’s not clear why the group booed Pelosi primarily based on the live footage, but the taunting could be replicated from her personal social gatherings against Pelosi. no in good mood. The whole picture on CNN on September 16 a new dayDemocratic Rep. Alyssa Slotkin of Michigan said Democrats should maintain the House halfway through and should have a new replacement, Pelosi, as speaker.

“I’ve been saying, I believe it’s time for us to have new management,” the congresswoman said. “I actually think it’s time for some Midwesterners to come into management. We have a lot of New York and California; I’d like to see more management changes there. I’m dedicated to my area – I stand by Such dedication.”

Information week Contact Pelosi’s workplace for comment.

Nancy Pelosi booed as she takes the stage at NYC Mets: Video

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