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NASA Probe Purposely Crashes Into Asteroid Dimorphos & More Breaking News

EFor the first time, NASA’s probe deliberately collided with an asteroid during a home protection inspection. The unmanned probe of the Dart mission (Dual Asteroid Redirected Inspection), equipped with only one camera, deliberately entered the asteroid Dimorphos on Tuesday night, as NASA’s layover photos proved. This is the first attempt to see if changing the trajectory of an asteroid in this way is feasible.

NASA director Lori Glaze mentioned that the mission is history. “We are now entering a whole new period of humanity where we have the flexibility to protect ourselves from asteroids.”

In pictures the probe’s camera retransmitted to Earth, the asteroid Dimorphos was seen as a vivid level only about an hour before impact, before growing in measurements and finally confirmed as floor elements and shadows – until the camera was picked up at impact. Destroying that image shows a dark red bug. Cheers erupted from NASA management, and everyone clapped and hugged. Until shortly before the impact, it was uncertain whether the probe would actually hit a football field-sized asteroid the size of a sales machine traveling at about 6.6 kilometers per second and on autopilot for the first few minutes.

Probe launched in November

“We’ve thought about this second for so long and talked a lot — but the photo exceeded my expectations,” said NASA government official Nancy Chabot. NASA ) owner Invoice Nelson congratulated his team. “You’re probably doing pretty well.” The cube-shaped Dart probe was launched from California in November, aided by a Falcon 9 rocket.

Dimorphos, a satellite of the asteroid Didymos, is currently harmless to Earth, according to NASA calculations — and the mission is designed in such a way that it won’t harm the asteroid even after the probe hits it. From about 330 million On the dollar mission, NASA hopes to understand how to protect Earth from approaching asteroids.

NASA and researchers around the world have been grappling with this problem for several years. For example, an asteroid affected for about 66 million years, and scientists believe this is the main idea behind the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists don’t yet know of any asteroids that might be heading straight for Earth at any time — but researchers have identified about 27,000 asteroids close to our planet, about 10,000 of which are larger than 140 meters in diameter.

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