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NASA Probe Successfully Crashed Into Asteroids & More Breaking News


Protection checkNASA probe effectively slams into asteroid

As NASA introduced, the unmanned probe of the Dart mission (Dual Asteroid Redirected Inspection), equipped only with digital cameras, deliberately sailed into the asteroid Dimorphos on Tuesday night.

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The Dart (Double Asteroid Redirection Check) mission was launched in November on a Falcon 9 rocket from California.

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The probe is said to have collided with the asteroid Dimorphos on Tuesday night.

The probe allegedly collided with the asteroid Dimorphos on Tuesday night.


NASA wants to figure out how to protect Earth from approaching asteroids.

NASA wants to understand how well Earth can be protected from approaching asteroids.


  • On Tuesday night, NASA guided the probe into an asteroid.

  • It has a diameter of 160 meters and is not harmful to the earth.

  • NASA wants to understand how to protect Earth from asteroid strikes.

For the first time, a NASA probe deliberately rammed into an asteroid during a conservation check. This could be the first attempt to see if it is possible to change the trajectory of an asteroid this way.

The unmanned probe of the Dart mission (Dual Asteroid Redirected Inspection) was launched in November on a Falcon 9 rocket from California, USA. From the roughly $330 million mission, NASA hopes to understand how well Earth is protected from approaching asteroids.

Asteroid launch should protect Earth sooner or later

Dimorphos, a satellite of the asteroid Didymos, is about 160 meters in diameter and, according to NASA’s calculations, does not currently pose a threat to Earth — and the mission is designed in such a way that asteroids cannot pose even under the influence of the probe Threat, there is only one digital camera on the detector.

The idea behind the launch: If an asteroid colliding with Earth is detected early enough, the rocket’s impact could alter its orbit so that it collides with Earth. Depending on the size of the asteroid, this must happen years in advance.

On the first day of October, basic knowledge about the impact should be passed on. For this purpose, the impact crater was examined by the spacecraft Hera. This could start in 2024 and possibly reach Didymos in 2027.

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