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National Lottery Board Theft, Money Laundering Amount To R1.4bn

Corruption that lasted more than 5 years was once again exposed in Parliament by the investigation team.

File: SIU Chief Advocate Andy Mothiby.Photo: @RSASIU/Twitter

CAPE CITY – Theft and money laundering at the National Lottery Board amounted to Rs 1.4 crore, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) on Tuesday mentioned.

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has once again uncovered corrupt practices in parliament that have been taking place for more than five years.

The SIU said it expected to submit a major report to President Cyril Ramaphosa by the end of October related to the theft of R273 million from the country’s most vulnerable individuals.

An outdated seniors’ home, a drug rehab center and physical activity facilities are among the initiatives that have been taken, but many are not completed.

That’s because a deep-pocketed consortium of former board members, executives and nonprofits colluded with grants for self-promotion.

SIU head Andy Mothiby mentioned that the two additional phases of the investigation, priced at R246 million and R905 million respectively, will proceed as normal over the next 12 months.

“The investigation has identified the method by which these corrupt elements are embezzling cash – the so-called modus operandi. Abuse of the active funding provisions of the NLC Act, and we have shown that this method must be reviewed,” Mothiby said.

Former board chairman Alfred Nevahutanda’s $27 million property has been seized, but the SIU says it has eight additional properties.

It also plans to list 13 trapped people in the national prosecutor’s office by October 2022.

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