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Netflix’s The Crown is labeled “Exploitative” by Royal Family Source

Two years after the fourth season of “The Crown” caused problems at Buckingham Palace, the trailer for season 5 of the Emmy-winning Netflix series has already angered some royals.

Season 5 of The Crown follows the marriage of Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) under the scrutiny of Queen Elizabeth II, now run by Imelda S. Taunton (Imelda Staunton) performs.

Now that Prince Charles has been named King Charles following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family has a whole new ruler to respond to. Buckingham Palace needs Netflix to add the warning that The Crown is a “drama, not a documentary”, according to The Telegraph’s “Premium Royal Supply”.

According to the report, an unnamed friend of King Charles called the upcoming fifth season “exploitative”, including that Netflix “has no qualms about destroying a personal reputation.”

“What people overlook is that this is about real individuals and real lives,” the source said.

Jonathan Price as Prince Philip and Leslie Manville as Princess Margaret. Season 5 premieres on Netflix on November 9. The final two seasons of The Crown are scheduled to span from the 1990s to 2003, with season 6 including the death of Princess Diana.

King Charles has reportedly never seen the series, and royal alumnus Matt Smith confirmed that Prince Harry and the late Queen used to play with the acclaimed gift. Unbiased Britain has discovered that Queen Camilla had been linked to former royals.

In 2020, British authorities asked the royal family to raise the issue of immunity from legal liability for the outcome. Heritage Minister Oliver Dowden told the Daily Mail that The Crown is a “well-made work of fiction, so like all TV manufacturing, Netflix needs to be very clear about what it is from the outset.”

Dowden noted that the crown had done lasting damage to monarchs, especially Prince Charles at the time.

A source close to the prince told the Daily Mail: “It’s really creepy. [writer Peter] Morgan is clearly using moderate leisure to push a truly open Republican agenda that no one else sees. They’ve been drawn into the first few series until they can’t see how they can be manipulated. This is sophisticated publicity. “

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Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Labeled ‘Exploitative’ by Royal Household Supply

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