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“New Amsterdam” Season 5 Spoilers – Lauren/Leyla Relationship

Warning: The next one includes spoilers for Tuesday new amsterdam Premiere. Continue your personal danger!

Dr. Lauren Bloom received an unwelcome shock new amsterdamThe fifth and final season of: After couch surfing, the doctor went to her apartment again and asked her ex, Leyla, if she could stay in the visitor’s room. Leyla is happy with the concept, but thinks Lauren should know she now has a brand new girlfriend. So is the issue between Lauren and Laila officially settled? Is there still hope for reconciliation?

“It’s over,” showrunner David Schurner told TVLine. “We told their story for two seasons, so they modified each other in such a profound way.” However, given that Lauren donated cash to the hospital to keep Leyla safe as a resident, “the poison was within the proper bounds from the start. If they store it up and use it again, it will hurt each of them.” (If you want to relive the mess and how Leyla reacted to this revelation, click here.)

As for whether or not Lauren will actually hook up with Leyla and her new love, “While this might generate some humor/horrible drama, Lauren has gone too far to volunteer,” Schurner said.

As a romantic alternative, family will play a major role in season 5 of Lauren’s Arc. As fully reported by TVLine, Kathryn Prescott (Discover Carternice uk skin) will return as Lauren’s estranged sister Vanessa, who is described as “a stubborn young man who refuses to grow up, refuse to work, stay sane and follow principles”.

“As we approach the end of the series, we want to give each character a chance to heal their deepest wounds. And for Bloom, that means leaving her sister to save herself,” Schurner shared beforehand road. “It’s time for Bloom to face the damage done and see if she’ll recover it – even if it means sacrificing her hard-earned sobriety.”

new amsterdam Followers, do you want Lauren and Layla to reconcile? Beat the feedback with your ideas!

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