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New Malware That Steals Bank Details, Cryptocurrencies And Social Media Accounts & More Latest News Here

September 26, 2022

Kaspersky researchers have discovered a brand new marketing campaign spreading NullMixer, a malware that steals customer credentials, handles, bank card knowledge, cryptocurrencies and even Facebook and Amazon accounts. Globally, more than 47,500 people were attacked while trying to obtain the infected software program from third-party websites. NullMixer can monitor customers and get whatever information they sort on the keyboard. In Latin America, the top 5 most affected countries are Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

Geographical distribution of NullMixer attacks

Cybercriminals are actively distributing this malware through provided websites crack, register And trigger the illegal acquisition of software programs. These unreliable pages always pose a risk to customers, as an alternative to providing the correct software program, they infect victims’ gadgets with malware.Typically, customers get adware Or other unpopular software programs, but NullMixer is more harmful because it can get a lot of Trojans at once, which can lead to mass infection of any PC community.

A typical infection occurs when trying to get a tainted software program from one of all these websites

The person was repeatedly redirected to a web page containing a password-protected archive and detailed instructions. All the pieces appear neat, as if the person absolutely wants to get the software program he wants. Nonetheless, by following the instructions, the victim launches NullMixer, which locates a lot of malware information along with the downloader on the infected PC, Spyware and AdwareBackdoors, bankers and different threats.

Apart from distributionAlso know that PhotovoltaicFor the latter, by stealing cookies from Facebook and Amazon, attackers can gain access to victims’ accounts and thus gain access to their credentials, processing, and even their cost details.

Oddly enough, cybercriminals in particular use skilled SEO tools to keep search engine results high, making it easy to get caught while trying to find “cracks” and “keyboards” on the Web and target as many potential customers as possible. Find.

most attacked country

Since the beginning of the 12 months, Kaspersky Security Options has blocked attempts to contaminate more than 47,500 customers worldwide. Globally, the most attacked countries are Brazil, India, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Egypt, Turkey and the United States.

In Latin America, The 5 most affected countries consist of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. These are adopted Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba and Paraguay. Central American countries Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama, and the Caribbean countries of the Dominican RepublicFill up the top 15 of the most affected countries in the region.

“Downloading information from an untrusted asset really enjoys Russian roulette: you never know when it will fire, and what the subsequent risks might be. By receiving NullMixer, customers get immediate access to many threats. You are in Any information sorted on the keyboard could be exposed to an attacker: from messages you wrote to friends on Facebook, the handle you used when ordering from Amazon, your machine login and password or password account. And bank card knowledge. So your entire machine and all its information will now be in the hands of cybercriminals. Once you decide to get a thing from an unknown website, keep this in mind as this risk can be made by using Fully licensed merchandise and robust security options to prevent.” Comment Haim Zigel, Kaspersky Security Researcher.

To guard against NullMixer, Kaspersky recommends:

  • Use only trusted sources to obtain software programs. Malware and PUAs are sometimes distributed through third-party assets, and no one checks their security like official internet stores.
  • Stay away from downloading pirated software programs or other illegal content, even if you are redirected from a real website.
  • Verify your online account frequently for unknown transactions. Even when browsing the web carefully, downloaded spyware and adware can steal information when visiting secure websites. Spyware works like a video camera, giving another person a window into every action that takes place on a tainted PC. Owners are often unaware that malware is on the computer and continue to add private information to bank websites that can be protected.
  • Use reliable security answers. Private searches (eg in Kaspersky Web Safety) can help you prevent adoption on the web and protect you from threats.

NullMixer: New malware that steals financial institution details, cryptocurrencies and social media accounts
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NullMixer: New malware that steals financial institution details, cryptocurrencies and social media accounts
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NullMixer: New malware that steals financial institution details, cryptocurrencies and social media accounts
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