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New Silent Hill Game Apparently Appeared In A Leak

It appears that a brand new sport in Konami’s Silent Hill franchise has leaked via the score site. A flood of rumors and commentary has poured in in recent months, suggesting Konami plans to make a massive return to Silent Hill sooner or later. While the outdated Japanese writer has yet to properly announce any new installments of Silent Hill, a leak in this inquiry could lead to the bean leaking a little earlier.

A new menu has been discovered in an online game review on a Korean site for a very new entry in the Silent Hill series. The campaign in question is said to be called “Silent Hill: Quick Info” and is planned to be announced by UNIANA, an organization that publishes Konami games usually within South Korea. Other details related to the mission, such as its release date, platform, and developers, were not detailed, so knowing how to make the sport at the same time was laborious.

As mentioned, rumors and comments about Silent Hill have been circulating for the past year or so. Some of these reviews claim that Konami is currently collaborating on a number of completely different Silent Hill missions.And it could be one of those video games Silent Hill: Quick NewsDifferent leaks suggest {that} a complete remake Silent Hill 2 It is also below growth.

Given the various rumors we’ve seen about Silent Hill before, we have to deal with the latest leak with caution.Although leaks of such ranking sites are usually more professional than normal, it wasn’t until Konami himself announced Silent Hill: Quick News In fact, just hoping for the perfect and expecting the worst is higher.

What do you think of the new leaks related to the Silent Hill series? Do you think Konami will release new information related to the series in the coming weeks or months?Make sure to let me know in the feedback or join me on Twitter trustworthy.



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