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NFL Pro Bowl officially becomes a flag football game in 2023

The NFL Pro Bowl — the professional football league’s annual All-Star game that pits the AFC and NFC against each other — may just be part of a “Pro Bowl video game” starting in 2023.

The most important thing about this modification is that the sport played at the end of Pro Bowl week will now officially be a non-tackler.

This major entertainment event will likely take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 5, 2023. (In that year’s Pro Bowl, the AFC defeated the NFC 41-35.) Since 2014, ESPN and/or ABC have aired the event every year.

The NFL said it will likely complement flag-bearer football players throughout Pro Bowl week with “new challenges designed to showcase professional bowlers’ football and non-football abilities in unique games.”

The coalition said the aim was to “create a rather dated contemporary solution”. The NFL also admits that the standard Pro Bowl is played a week before the Super Bowl, “under the fear of injury threats, it is understandable that athletes at the highest level in the game are reluctant to play a pointless game and give everything,” Right , bragging rights. “

It is hoped that the flag football game will “ignite the flames of rivals in a new, less risky but highly entertaining format”.

As Peter O’Reilly, executive vice president of NFL Membership Corporate and League Events, defined in a press release, “We’ve received valuable advice from gamers, groups and followers on redesigning the Pro Bowl, so we’re delighted Being able to take advantage of The Professional Bowl video game as one.” The platform makes flag football an integral part of the game’s path forward, while introducing delightful new competitive and casual ways to keep our gamers, their families and followers alive closer than ever.

“Building on the success of the 2022 Pro Bowl and the 2022 Draft, in addition to our solid partnership with the Las Vegas Convention and Guest Authority and the Las Vegas Raiders,” he continued , “We’re dedicated to bringing the 2023 Pro Bowl video game to a world-class sports and leisure capital.”

Does this modification of the NFL Pro Bowl game make you inclined to watch?

NFL Pro Bowl officially becomes iconic football game in 2023

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