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Nick Kroll jokes that he told Harry Styles to spit on Chris Pine

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Nick Kroll jokes he made Harry Styles spit at Chris Pine

Nick Kroll joked that he was the “mastermind” of the entire ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ episode.

‘Big Mouth’ star appears in “Today’s Program” On Monday, he joked that he had come up with a plan to have Harry Styles spit at Chris Pine.

“I decided we were going to hype the movie, not the movie itself,” he joked. “I’m a puppet master. I thought, ‘Hey, Harry, do you know what’s going to be a good idea? Spit at Chris Pine when you premiere in Venice. “

Kroll, 44, said the former One Direction singer, 28, was initially intrigued by the idea but later decided it wouldn’t work.

Maybe just kiss me, he remembered jokingly what Styles told him.

“I made him spit in my mouth,” quipped the voice actor who hosted Jimmy Fallon’s “Sausage Party.” “This guy has limitations.”

2022 Campari Film Passion Award - 79th Venice International Film Festival

Kroll joked that he was the “mastermind” of the play at the Venice Film Festival.

Getty Images

Chris Pine, Harry Styles Venice Film Festival 2022

Kroll joked that he was the “mastermind” of the play at the Venice Film Festival.


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“She is a good student and loves to learn” – ex…

Styles kissed King Kroll after a screening of their psychological thriller earlier this month. The kiss was far from getting into the “As Is” singer when fans found him spitting on the “Wonder Woman” star.

At the end of his stay in Venice, representatives for Pine, 42, refused Styles to throw any alcohol at him.

Nick Kroll continues "Today's program."
“I made him spit in my mouth,” Kroll joked to Jimmy Fallon. “This guy has limitations.”
Jamie Fallon/YouTube

“It’s an interesting story — completely fictional, the result of a bizarre internet delusion that clearly deceives and allows for silly guesswork,” a Pine representative said. people say.

“To be clear, Harry Styles did Do not The representative continued to spit at Chris Pine. “There is only respect between these two, and any suggestion made differently is a blatant attempt to create a drama that doesn’t even exist.”

The “My Cop” actor also had some fun with the viral moment when he returned to his Madison Square Garden mansion and joked that he spat on Pine.

“Just went to Venice to spit on Chris Pine, but don’t worry, we’re back!” told the audience.

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