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‘Nobody Really Watches Marilyn Monroe Movies,’ Says ‘Blonde’ Director

Director Andrew Dominic said beforehand that he wasn’t used to Marilyn Monroe’s films before adapting Joyce Carroll Oates’ ebook about the late actor. Now, Dominic says Monroe has acted in “a lot of movies that no one really sees”, describing her fashion romance “Gentlemen Want Blondes” as a movie about “well-dressed whores”.

Dominic’s feedback was part of an interview with BFI Audiovisual Magazine. Christina Neuland, the journalist conducting the interview, post text “She’s grown into a huge cultural factor in a whole bunch of movies that no one actually watches, right? Anyone watch Marilyn Monroe movies?” Dominic tweeted. Newland added in the filing. follow on twitter: “I want to be sure that I am doing my due diligence here: [Dominik] She talks and references a lot of her films. He studied all this clearly and watched it: whether he liked it (the ‘Some Like It Scorching’ tape he liked) was obviously another matter. “

In the interview, Dominic also addressed criticism of NC-17’s depiction of abortion and sexual assault. “I’m not thinking about a good style,” replied the director, who boasted beforehand that the film would “offend everyone.”

“Actually, she’s such an oddly fucked figure because in the long run she shouldn’t be dead [of her films] Like Barbara Stanwyck or Rita Hayworth, Dominic said. “But she needs to be a little bit feminine…I feel like Marilyn is a woman of people. I don’t think of her as a lady who has a lot of girlfriends. But then I feel like she’s a lady who doesn’t have a lot of colleagues. There is a feeling that we hope Reshape her to fit current political pursuits. However, she is a deeply self-destructive person.”

Dominic added: “I think she’s a very robust person. However, I don’t think she’s built to be successful in the best way people see it right now. So everyone has moments of power and everyone else wants to Said she was in control of her life. And yet, she needed to destroy her life. So I think this movie is about what Marilyn Monroe meant. Or what it meant. She was a symbol of one thing. She was 20th century Aphrodite, the American goddess of love. She or he committed suicide. So what does that mean?”

“Blonde,” starring Ana de Armas as Monroe, is currently opening and premiering in select Netflix theaters on Wednesday, September 28.

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