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Nreal Air AR Smart Glasses Are Finally Available On Amazon In The US

Nearly a year after its global debut, Nreal is finally bringing its augmented reality glasses, the Nreal Air, to the US. The glasses are on sale at a discounted price of $379 on Amazon, and Nreal can provide customers with an iPhone adapter.

In case you missed our previous protection, the Nreal Air is a lightweight pair of smart AR glasses designed to provide an immersive viewing experience for smartphone customers. These glasses appear to be Wayfarer’s favorite Ray-Ban visor. However, unlike common visors, the Nreal Air option has an OLED screen built in, simulating a 130-inch display at 201 inches at an analog distance of 3 meters and a digital distance of 6 meters. The ultra-dense shaded OLED display has a pixel density of up to 49 pixels and supports a 90Hz refresh rate.

Nreal Air up close

Nreal claims the new Nreal Air is 25 percent lighter than the Nreal Gentle offered by Verizon late last year. The newer model also reduces energy consumption by 50 percent, allowing customers to enjoy an immersive gaming or video viewing experience for longer.

The glasses work with every Android and iOS device. Still, if you want to use it with your iPhone or iPad, you’ll have to spend an extra $59 for the Nreal Adapter. Also, while the Nreal Air runs Nebula, the company’s AR work system, it only provides display screen mirroring with an iOS device when connected to an Android machine. Currently, Nreal has not shared any plans to bring Nebula expertise to iOS devices. If you are still keen to try it out, you should buy the Nreal Air by following the hyperlink given below.

    Nile Air

    The Nreal Air AR glasses feature a modern design that simulates a 201-inch display for an immersive viewing experience.

What do you think of Nreal Air? Would you buy a pair for yourself? Let us know in the feedback section below.

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