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Pampered Pit Bull’s adorable grooming routine will melt hearts online

A spoiled pit bull has warmed hearts online for his apparent love of grooming as he was lucky enough to receive his coat, his nails trimmed and even his claws wet.

Pit Bull Sebastian has won the hearts of tens of millions with more than 3.5 million online followers, but this time it’s his drastic grooming routine that goes viral.

With over 63 million views, Sebastian is blown away by his homeowners who seem to have absolutely no faults: one thing being complimented by different canine homeowners, and so on.

The video was shared on TikTok on August 30, in line with the title, as “a reminder that you may need some time to be yourself”. Sebastian’s day job starts with earplugs, which he uses like a “good boy”.

The shampoo was then completely applied to his fur without causing barking or rejection from Sebastian, who seemed to really like every part, even the water. Afterwards, he will clean his enamel with two completely different brushes to make his enamel shine.

His towel was patted dry with his ears before being tucked into a hoodie to dry. Finally, Sebastian will get the ultimate spa treatment: blow-drying his fur, minimizing his nails and cleaning his ears.

The pet grooming industry is booming, with a survey by Joybird finding that 35% of pet owners take their pets to a groomer or pet spa within a month.Nursing trade could also be worth $10.9 billion in the U.S.

Clearly, though, Sebastian loves his residential grooming classes so much that professional intervention shouldn’t be as necessary for him as it is for different dogs.

Sebastian’s homeowners describe him as a “human antidepressant,” and feedback seems to confirm that.

“Canine cleaning asmr has been added to my Spotify playlist,” jokes one person.

“Unbelievable!! All I want is for every dog ​​on the planet to be pampered and treated well!!” added one more.

“My pit won’t let me do his nails, can’t get in the tub, has to tie up to bathe outside. He’s such a huge kid,” compares a good friend of the dog owner.

It’s rare that Sebastian likes to take a bath, but in fact he’s not a person who likes to take care of himself. This month, a Labrador named Nutmeg went viral for her love of bathtubs, with the owner joking that she wouldn’t take a bath without closing the toilet door because the dog was just inviting herself into the tub. The video confirms that the dog she kidnapped from its owner was ankle-deep.

dog in towel
Stock image of a brown dog in a towel. Bulldog’s adorable spa day has gone viral.
Getty Images

Pampered Bulldog’s Adorable Grooming Routine Will Soften Minds Online

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