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Patient discovers abandoned dental office in ‘creepy’ video: ‘Call the Cops’

In a video that has now gone viral, a woman says she made an emergency appointment at the Aspen Dental workplace in Mount Ethereal, North Carolina, but no one was there when she arrived

Girl Joy Maria posted the video on TikTok over the weekend, writing: “We confirmed an emergency appointment for 9:30am at 9:20am, [were] A creepy, empty, open dental workplace greets…” It has amassed over 3 million views and a ton of relevant feedback urging JoyMaria to name the police. Some commenters also warned JoyMaria about Aspen Dental, calling it the “absolute worst factor”.

Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental is a dental chain with 1,000 workplaces in the United States. In keeping with their website, every Aspen Dental observation is a “branded observation” and is “owned and operated by a licensed dentist”. Nonetheless, in a 2012 motion-to-class lawsuit against the company, Aspen Dental was charged with “358 [of its] Dental clinics violated 22 state legal guidelines that only allow dentists to use the dental workplace,” PBS reported.

abandoned office
In a video that has now gone viral, a woman said she made an emergency appointment at the Aspen Dental workplace in Mount Etheril, North Carolina, but no one was there when she arrived.

In 2021, Massachusetts attorney Normal Maura Healey sued the company for a “bait and switch promotion.” Patriot Ledger express.

“Aspen Dental exploited vulnerable shoppers in need of dental care and used misleading promotions to lure them into the workplace under false pretenses,” Healey said in a statement. Patriot Ledger“We are suing this company for violating every state’s statutes and their prior assurances by not engaging in these highly illegal practices, and we are seeking redress for the victims of this wrongdoing.”

Some patients have also complained to the Bureau of Higher Enterprises about so-called billing errors and “misdiagnoses”.

“There is no one here”

In her video, JoyMaria says she makes an emergency appointment for her daughter at her local dental workplace in Aspen. However, once they arrived, the workplace was completely empty…and open.

“It’s all open,” she said as she walked over to the pumpkin-decorated entrance, opened a door, as if coming back for treatment, handed it to two workshops with computer systems and telephones, and turned left and right into the path leading to the affected People’s hallway room.

“We’ve been screaming and calling on people…[but] There is hardly anyone here,” she said.

As she walked down the hallway in the opposite direction, she called out, “Hello?” before stopping and showing a room with a pair of white sneakers next to the affected person’s chair.

Confused, her corporate workplace, known as Aspen Dental, was placed on maintenance.

“We left right away because I’ve seen too many horror movies,” Jo Maria said as she re-entered the foyer.

audience reaction

JoyMaria viewers agreed that the situation was unusual and urged them to name the police.

“Don’t name the company. Call the police! This is most likely a real emergency and the company isn’t doing anything,” advises cuteusername.

“Name the policeman. Maybe something needs to happen,” agreed Jenny Lee.

JoyMaria confirmed to Jenni Lee that she did say the policeman’s name.

In a follow-up video released Monday, JoyMaria said she finally got a name from a regional director, who defined a “schedule error” and that the workplace was closed on the day she and her daughter filmed the video.

“They didn’t say why the door remained open, but they thanked me for calling the police so they could lock the door,” she said.

In response, a commenter named Chris said: “I’ve only heard terrible stories about Aspen Dental. Maybe [your daughter] I used to be lucky that no one was there. “

Information week Please JoyMaria leave a comment.

extra viral post

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Affected people found abandoned dental workplace in ‘creepy’ video: ‘Name the cop’

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