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Pedro Castillo: Navy Plane Was Used To Transfer Relatives Of The President

a plane from navy used by relatives of the president peter fortress Congresswoman Vivian Olivos of Fuerza Fashionable revealed last Monday that she will be flying from Chiclayo to Lima on June 26, releasing the official list of passengers on the flight.

President Castillo and then-protection secretary Jose Gavidia appear to be on the payroll, but aside from the president’s sister-in-law, Yennefer Paredes, as well as his nephews Kevin Castillo Medina, Christian Rios Castillo and Joni Vazquez Castillo. The latter is the brother of fugitive Fray Vásquez, who has been placed on a preventive detention order for 24 months and is being investigated for allegedly integrating a prison group that will operate within the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In addition, the eldest son of President Pedro Castillo, who is still a minor, was on the same flight.

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The crew list was delivered by the Navy to Congresswoman Olivos.

Last Monday, Fuerza Fashionable’s lawmakers asked the state attorney general, Patricia BenavidesInvestigate the case.

In his official letter to the top public sector leader, Olivos said that after reviewing the President of the Republic’s agenda, he confirmed that the nation’s top leader had no official presence within the Chiclayo metropolis and that “the journey referred to” is suspicious” because “a media report said that on the 23rd of the same month, there was an official trip to the same metropolis, which included a man named Lay Vásquez Castillo.”

According to the Presidential Agenda, the President held a formal exercise in Chiclayo on June 23. The next day, he traveled to Cajamarca for a rally with residents and attended the inauguration of a hospital in Chota.

On the 25th and 26th of that month, there were no commitments on his agenda, nor did he find any activity by Castillo on the social networks of the President of the Republic.

Olivos’ grievance came after Liber Middle of the Institute for Journalism and Society (IPYS) reported that during a June 23 summit of the nation visit aboard a Peruvian Air Force plane, many crew members recorded Olly’s Voss’ dissatisfaction. Member named “Lay Vásquez Castillo”, described as “nephew” and registered with the non-existent DNI.

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The president denied it was his nephew and described the data as a “hoax.”

Protection payments from Congress, President Diego Bazán, asked Protection Minister Daniel Barragán to provide “very urgent” details about the passenger suspect, who will travel on a delegation licensed from the presidential premises.

The management fee chairman Héctor Ventura also requested details about the aforementioned flight from the summit of the Mindef and from the commander of the Air Drive, Alfonso Artadi.

In addition, Raúl Martínez, the prosecutor of the special labor force for energy corruption, conducted exhibition due diligence yesterday and collected paperwork for the case inside Air Drive.

Pedro Castillo: Navy planes were used to exchange relatives of the president | DayNews Politics
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Pedro Castillo: Navy planes were used to exchange relatives of the president | DayNews Politics
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Pedro Castillo: Navy planes were used to exchange relatives of the president | DayNews Politics
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