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Peru Wins By Inertia – AS Peru & More Latest News Here

Juan Maximo Renoso He has wrapped up his first friendly cycle with an accurate victory over a much-disadvantaged opponent. However, the markup is quite deceptive: Peru didn’t crush El SalvadorHe did, however, end the campaign more thoroughly, and he knew how to close it because his gamers ultimately prevailed, especially when standard starters came in.

Coach Blanquirroja opted to change the 11 players who started the Mexico game.The promise of checking all of them is only half fulfilled, because Some – Ormeño, Quispe, Corzo, Duarte – stayed on the bench. An important novelty is Brian Reynolds From the outset, the winger in the upper echelons of Cantorone came on the scene.

exactly Reina is the best level in Peru Some sparks from the past, it seems that the concept is desperately needed. When he’s a prospect, the left winger has always been faced recently and left quickly. Although he didn’t make it perfect in the final third of the zone, He kept trying and it finally paid off.

This Ruidias was injured at the start of the sport It’s a bucket of cold water for the Sanders forward, and it’s a bucket of cold water for Reynoldso, who believes Raul is an integral part of the team. Still, he finally gave her another possibility. LapaduraThe Italian-Peruvian didn’t miss out either.

At 18, the Cagliari striker feuded with a very good heart from Valera during his try-on. It ended up leading 1-0 thanks to a rather clumsy personal goal by Zavaleta. However, it wasn’t long before the right-wing Zambrano got his hands on the field, and Larin penalty to make it 1-1. is just before the top of the major interval, Gonzales produced another penalty, this time in Peru’s favour, and Lapadula turned it into a goal.

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The second half, while the result seemed to point to the other half, belonged to El Salvador, who took advantage of the fact that the Peruvian midfielder was a transit zone. La Selecta didn’t harass defenders and didn’t let Cavallo go straight into the box, but he did have the ball and triangulate well in the middle. However, like many groups at that stage, it lacked completion.

When there are ten minutes left, Brian Rayner scores his first goal on staff nationwide, after a very good game that Rapadura played again. Well deserved for the greatest gamer in the sport. A few minutes from the top of the mountain, ITalo-Peruvian, the adjudicator of the court, yields another penaltydue to an avoidable foul by goalkeeper Romero, and Cueva, who asked him to finish, made it 4-1.

Peru thus won the first race of the Reynolds era: No excessive flash or flashy football, but effective, for a very small staff.At the end of the game, the addition of some of the starters brought another increase to the staff, who appeared in Reyna is an important variant of subsequent calls.


Gianluca Rapadura (11′, Raul Ruidias), Darwin Theron (57′, Enrico Dunas), Luis Avencula (58′, Louis Abram), Andrea Carrillo (58′, Jody Rayner), Mark Lopez (59′, Nelson Loyola), christian cave (69′, Alex Valera), Renato Tapia (69′, Christopher Gonzalez), Nelson White (79′, Alexander Larin), Nelson Bonilla (79′, Narciso Orellana), Joaquin Rivas (79′, Kevin Reyes), Ronald Rodriguez (85′, Eric Cabalceta)


0-1, 18′: Eric Zavaletta1-1, 33′: Larin1-2, 39′: Gianluca Rapadura1-3, 80′: Robert Rayner1-4, 85′: christian cave

playing cards

Referee: Benjamin Pineda
Wilder Cartagena (66′, yellow)

Peru wins by inertia – AS Peru
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Peru wins by inertia – AS Peru
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Peru wins by inertia – AS Peru
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