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Post Malone returns to the stage after the concerts have been postponed until fall

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Post Malone returns to stage after concert postponed until fall

Post Malone is “better now“.

The rock star will take the stage in Cleveland on Tuesday night after she was hospitalized with a broken rib after a fall at the previous show.

‘Cleveland, I’ll Sing Some Songs Tonight’, ‘Congratulations’ Singer announced on twitterAdd “see you today”.

The news comes after Malone, 27, was forced to cancel his performance in Boston on Sept. 24 after he woke up to a “crack” on the right side of his body.

“I had a very hard time breathing, every time I breathed or moved, I felt a tingling pain” – he revealed on twitterA few hours before the scheduled show.

“We’re in the hospital right now, but because of this pain, I can’t be on the show today. I’m so fucking sorry.

Wireless Festival 2018

Post Malone collapsed at a concert in St. Louis.

red fern

Wireless Festival 2018

Post Malone collapsed at a concert in St. Louis.

Getty Images

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Genevieve and I are delighted to announce that Monday…

The Grammy-nominated artist — whose real name is Austin Richard Post — was performing in St. Louis on Sept. 18 when he fell after stepping into an exposed hole in the stage.

Concertgoers recorded the horrific moment he fell to the ground, writhing in pain as bodyguards rushed to make sure he was okay.

Post Malone
The 27-year-old had to cancel his Boston gig last week.
Getty Images for Document A

“He came back on stage 10 minutes later saying he was sorry and hurt and he cried, then someone gave him a beer and the concert was over” – Witness he wrote on twitter Then.

However, on TMZDoctors found a small fracture in his chest after a CT scan and X-ray.

Singer “Circles” has another concert scheduled for September 28 in Pittsburgh.

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