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Pratibha, an Indian woman, brutally murdered Vikas Ranjan, a doctor, for sharing her nude photos.

A 27-year-old man was allegedly murdered by his fiancé and two of her friends after they shared nude photos of him and two of her friends online. The man, an occupational healthcare provider, was allegedly overwhelmed by friends of his future spouse. On September 10, the incident happened.

The victim was identified by Occasion in India as Vikash Rajan. Vikash Rajan studied medicine in Ukraine and did an internship in Chennai before moving to Bangalore to arrange the Overseas Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).

The couple had been in a relationship for 2 years before starting their wedding preparations. However, she later found nude photos of herself on Instagram. Her fiancé was behind it, she found out when asked.

Rajan uploaded the photo using an account created in a friend’s caption. Also, he forwarded them to his friends in Tamil Nadu.

The woman angrily confronts a classmate, sparking a plan for revenge.

The woman then extended an invitation from a New Mico Structure friend to her soon-to-be husband.

They were joined by two additional male friends.

Four suspects allegedly attacked the doctor using mops, water bottles and naked arms. The woman, who claimed she had no intention of killing him, took him to hospital after witnessing him unconscious.

The doctor was given four days of treatment before his death on September 14.

His future spouse knew her friends, who she claimed were not home at the time of the attack, and told her brother he had been attacked by them.

Police initially charged someone with attempted homicide, but the charges have since been amended to homicide. Of the four suspects, three were detained. The accused has been detained by the police for further investigation.

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