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Prepared For A Blackout – This Bernese Castle Lord Hoards 100,000 Liters Of Heating Oil – News & More Latest News Here


Do you have to piece it together for disaster? The owner of the castle and Professor Matthias Steinmann has been preparing for a long time – naughty but constantly.

Ursellen Citadel is situated in a beautiful panorama between Aare Valley and Emmental. Matthias Steinmann has lived for 40 years in this Baroque building near Konolfingen BE. He redesigned and arranged it to his liking.

We are well prepared for the three main risks of power outages, fallout and epidemics.

A set of spacer work decorates the interior. “I needed to design the castle because it might have to take the 18th century into account,” said the 80-year-old.


Matthias Steinmann has lived in the Ursellen Citadel in the Bern region for 40 years. And cobbled together for blackouts, pandemics, and nuclear winters.


However, a castle can also be a survival island. “We are well prepared for the three main risks of power outages, fallout and epidemics,” Steinman said. He stocked up on 100,000 liters of heating oil, owned a briquettes retailer, a photovoltaic and steaming water system to provide meals, his personal gas station, and he even installed lead sheets to cover home windows from falling out during radioactivity.

found among disaster workers

Twenty years ago, he made these preparations for an achievable crisis. At the time, Steinman was a disaster manager for the Federal Council. A panel of experts has practiced and performed countless times through the most important risks. “After that, I thought about how to prepare myself. So I systematically equipped my castle as if it were an island.»

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Matthew Steinman.


Matthias Steinmann is considered a pioneer in measuring media utilization. He was a long-time head of analytics at SRG. At the same time, he developed programs for recording musical scores, which he purchased internationally. For a long time he was also a professor of communication sciences at the Bern Academy, a colonel in the army and a disaster communicator. At this very moment, Matthias Steinmann is 80 years old and living with his spouse. He made frequent pilgrimages and focused on writing and his foundations. It operates the Wyl Citadel, which also belongs to Steinmann and is open to the public.

He’s also doing a bit of a joke at the moment, as a question. “It’s all very fashionable at this very moment, given the crisis on Earth.” He doesn’t need to describe himself, however, as a preparer, and somewhat as a realist preparing for disaster. «What I do should not be circular. It’s crazy that other people don’t. Is he afraid of a crisis? “I’m from Struggle Technology.” There can be an existential problem at any time,” Steinman said.

emergency generator


Just in case, there is an emergency energy generator on the market inside the castle.


One factor was obvious to him: crises should be avoided as much as possible: “In the event of a power outage, for example, sensitive areas will not be able to function. This can lead to riots, social change, and should be avoided.” He had done it himself. Preparations: His emergency generator started seconds after the impact failed.

Criticism of Disaster Management

Respiratory masks and protective gear have also been available at the top of the castle for many years. When masks were in short supply throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, he outfitted fellow doctors. Regardless: Steinman doesn’t think the authorities’ response to the pandemic has been optimal.

Gas station in the castle


The castle has its own gas station.


“I believe they just chose to do that instead of following scientific ideas to assess the mental state of the media and residents.” Generally, this is a result of the fact that the Federal Council has repealed Steinman’s work as a technician during this period Disaster managers. “So almost everything comes from one department. Not everyone is crisis trained.”



Steinemann saved the briquette, just in case.


He invested hundreds of thousands of francs in his castle island. Not everyone can try this. However, he didn’t simply think about himself: “I’ll put the whole village in my basement.” He also bought a milking machine — to help local farmers when they can’t milk during a power outage. Due to Steinmann no energy interruptions occurred.

Prepare for power outage – Lord of this Bern castle hoards 100,000 litres of heating oil – info
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Prepare for power outage – Lord of this Bern castle hoards 100,000 litres of heating oil – info
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Prepare for power outage – Lord of this Bern castle hoards 100,000 litres of heating oil – info
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