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“Real Madrid? Juve Was Faster… & More Latest News Here

Fernando Llorente is not currently competing in field competitions. The Navarra striker is still reluctant to say goodbye to his passion – football. So he admitted it in an interview with El Larguero. While speaking about the future, he also opened up about his stories about past issues. Athletic Bilbao or actual Madrid are some of the subjects he deals with. He admits he’d prefer to wear white…

actual madrid: “My contract at Atlético expires every time Real Madrid needs me, and they usually don’t have to pay my start-up clause. When my contract ends, Juve are faster. After all, I probably prefer to pay for real Madrid played. They are arguably the most perfect team on the planet and what they are doing is unbelievable, especially in the Champions League. The last season was unbelievable. I’ve never played in actual Madrid in the past. When the opportunity comes later, it’s there and Juve is faster. After all, after all, tomorrow I might go without a penny.

sports: “The problem didn’t turn out as I hoped it would. I’m sorry I didn’t come again and end effectively. However, I’m happy with my career. I’d probably prefer to finish higher in athletics, that’s me Member of the place where you grew up”.

future: “I don’t know what will happen sooner or later. I need to continue, even if I’ve stopped for 3 months. I keep the coach and look for one thing that excites me. If not, we’ll find another thing to enrich me. “

Choose carefully

“Luis Enrique is a great coach and I hope he keeps going. And I think he’ll keep going…I actually prefer the entry of Nico Williams, except for Unai Simón and his saves. Regardless of Nico Williams No matter how young he is, he has a lot of characters. Morata does an important job with his selection. He’s been there for as long as you want him”

Llorente: “Real Madrid? Juve earlier…
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Llorente: “Real Madrid? Juve earlier…
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Llorente: “Real Madrid? Juve earlier…
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