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Kelsey Darragh’s ex-boyfriend Jared Lucas’ relationship explored: Why the couple broke up

Kelsey Dallach announced their split after five years of dating Jared Lucas. He informed his followers of the news in a video.

American video producer Kelsey, who is also an actress and partner on the development team at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, has benefited from the excitement surrounding this work, often considered one of the most exciting jobs in the entertainment industry.

Darragh is a well-known comedian and YouTube personality who rose to fame for his role on the hit comedy web series Harder Than It Looks. He has become more and more popular on many internet platforms due to his dedication and hard work on and off the camera.

On the other hand, Jared Lucas, also known as Kap Slap, was born on October 4, 1989 in Lexington, Massachusetts. He was born and raised in Massachusetts like his family. As a child, music always piqued his interest. Her mother died of breast cancer shortly after her sister was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

As a troubled child, the talent turned to music as a form of expression. He tried several other instruments before choosing guitar, bass and drums.

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Kelsey Darragh’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Jared Lucas

Kelsey Darragh and ex-boyfriend Jared Lucas have split after five years of dating. Although she kept the reasons for the breakup a secret, she released a video detailing the events.

The gorgeous Florida native is dating DJ and co-producer Jared Lucas, who goes by the stage name “Kap Slap.” The pair allegedly started dating officially after the video’s producer admitted he was in a committed relationship in the video.

In an April 2018 tweet, the producer claimed to have trigeminal neuralgia, a condition he said occasionally led to panic attacks. She also said she has a list of things her boyfriend should focus on to help her manage her condition.

Many of their fans felt the couple had a personal connection. Kelsey said hearing people express their love for them is as heartwarming as a couple. They have received many accolades for exerting influence in the right way. And, these are ideal relationships for many people.

Jared Lucas: Who is he?

Often referred to as Kelsey Darragh’s ex-boyfriend Jared Lucas. However, due to his unique identity, he has achieved success in his field.

The man is a DJ/producer and web consultant educated at Lehigh University. Enrolled in 2008, in 2013 he gained hands-on experience as an outdoor adventure program leader and student leadership trainer.

He also participates in club volleyball, the Lehigh Leadership Program, the Merger Mentoring Program and the Kappa Alpha Association.

Talking about his work experience, he started jBay Trading Company in 2005. In 2009, while still studying, he worked as an Em in the Software Storage Group’s Product Management Internship.

He implemented a system that reduced daily data reformatting time from two hours on the job to ten minutes, created price tiers in Access without any database experience, and wrote VBA macros to integrate the client’s main Source of income.

Why did Jared Lucas and Kelsey Dalag break up?

Many believe the breakup of Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas was the result of Jared’s infidelity and infidelity.

We Break Up is the title of a YouTube video Kelsey Darragh posted a month ago. It begins with the description, “Begins with a heavy sigh,” confidante, this one is a little different.

We thank you for being by our side for the past five years. It’s been a crazy ride and I hope this episode sheds some light on what’s going on, how I’ve gotten better and how I’ve managed to not be normal. I love you very much. “

This video was published on August 9, 2022.

audience reaction

More than 87,000 people watched the video expressing their concern for the once stunning and contented couple. One of the admirers wrote: “She is very smart and articulate. You have translated so many of my feelings and thoughts into words in a way I could never have. Hope you are well and safe.”

Another said: “What a wonderful letter you wrote. One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned is that a relationship can be a safe environment to grow and still lead to separation and misery. Used to burn the ones that don’t work. Stuff. Sounds like you had a similar experience. Lots of hugs and lots of love.”

Most of the comments under the video are supportive, all mourning those years of intimacy that were pretty much a part of their lives. However, on a personal level, individuals have enough understanding to wish each of them a lifetime of happiness.

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Kelsey Darrag’s career

When she first started her career as a writer, she wrote to encourage other women like her. His digital career officially began on June 3, 2012, when he named his first YouTube account “Kyndall J”. He made his YouTube debut on July 30, 2012, in a clip titled “Truth or Darragh Episode 1 – Jason Horton”. He launched Truth and Darragh as his first series on his channel, and his fans embraced it immediately. And also contributed to the TV shows “Keep Calm, Kelsey”, “Talk” and “It’s Harder Than It Looks”.

His videos have been viewed more than 4 million times and have more than 116,000 subscribers.

She co-starred with Jane Levy in the 2014 episode of Suburgatory. In addition, she spent her first seven months as a content developer at Playboy Enterprises, Inc. while he was still in college, although he hadn’t received her yet. University degree at the time. He then started working for BuzzFeed in July 2015 as a video researcher, and four months later he was promoted to junior producer. Additionally, he eventually earned the title of Video Producer and Development Partner through the ranks of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

She has contributed to SOML, one of the fastest growing and most popular Facebook sites, as well as the rapidly growing women-centric humor page. Ans also hosts Buzzfeed’s Adult Sh1t podcast. He has appeared in videos with other BuzzFeed celebrities such as Chris Reinacher, Michelle Khare and Ned Fulmer.

Her goal is to create easy-to-share and impactful content for ambitious, disorganized, and courageous women like her. Other women will be his target audience.
After parting ways with BuzzFeed, she now hosts her own show called Ladies’ Room.Personal details about Kelsey, such as her relationship with a partner

That same year, she dated DJ Jared Lucas, also known as DJ Kap Slap, and they started dating that year. He graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in general business engineering, and they met through the dating app Tinder. They both like to drink, and they drink together.

He is open and honest about bisexuality. Shopping and traveling are her two favorite leisure activities.

He suffers from a condition called trigeminal neuralgia, which is causing him constant pain due to a doctor’s error. In addition, he suffers from a condition called narcotic pain, which causes numbness in the lower part of his neck and face. And, in this situation, he was really uncomfortable.

In addition to surgery, he has tried acupuncture, crystal therapy, medical marijuana, massage therapy and pill therapy.

the real reason

While many believe the couple’s separation was the result of their very openness and vulnerability to each other. At the beginning of the video, Darragh confronts this and assures that it is completely untrue.

He continued to read the conversation between the two, reading aloud with tears in his eyes. Kelsey has repaired the relationship and is proud that she never lied to her partner during their five-year marriage. This is the rule he set for himself from the beginning.

According to him, Lucas appears to have lied in his calculations and completely destroyed him. He ended the letter by expressing his undying love for Lucas, adding that he will always do so. Love is not something you can touch; it is something you can give, and it is one of its most painful phrases.

But it was really painful to watch him suffer so much. At one point in the video, she can’t stop crying and needs a tissue. That’s why his lover is apparently annoying to see it. Finally, he thanked all those who supported him during his difficult times.

Quick Facts About Jared Lucas

age 32
Birthday October 4, 1989
Country of Citizenship American
Race white
eye color Brown
hair color Black
high 6 feet
weight 70 kg
Alma Lehigh University
Profession DJ
Ex-girlfriend Kelsey Darragh

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