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Records Said A Driver Was Accused Of Pulling A Gun On A Man He Was Recording Obstructing Traffic In Houston’s Museum District

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – Earlier this month, a man believed to be a well-meaning man was the victim of a crime in Houston’s Museum District. The suspect in the incident was arrested on Monday and has since resigned, court records show.

Kohat Ben Israel saw a driver blocking a road, causing a line of cars to build up in the afternoon. The victim pulled out his phone, the last thing he expected was that someone was going to point a gun at him.

“I heard a horn sound and someone said, ‘This guy is blocking the street, this one-way street.’ I couldn’t see anything, so I went outside, and I went down, and I saw this guy blocking the street in a white truck. one-way street,” Ben Israel said.

He said he was waiting for a doctor in a waiting room on Baines Street in the Museum Quarter when he heard commotion outside. After backing up a long line of cars and wondering what happened, Ben Israel pulled out his phone.

“He got out of the car and I was still filming and he walked around me and put the gun in my face,” the victim said.

“You really wanted to play with me today,” said Le Guin Monteze, who was identified as a suspect.

The camera caught Montez leaving his car with a gun in hand.

While the victim was holding his breath, the suspect snatched the phone from his hand, hoping it won’t be the last, Ben Israel said.

Ben Israel said, “It could be this. This guy is going to kill me.”

He’s thankful the suspect didn’t pull the trigger, he’s here to tell the story.

Montez was charged with aggravated assault with a second-degree felony with a deadly weapon. He has a case outside of Connecticut that prohibits him from possessing a firearm, according to court documents.

Montez was released on bail pending his next court appearance.

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