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Reese Witherspoon thought ‘nobody’ would see ‘naturally blonde’

Legally Blonde is licensed now…but Reese Witherspoon apparently didn’t think the movie would spawn two sequels in 2001.

Andy Tennant, striker of Mindy Kaling’s Legally Blonde 3 and longtime Witherspoon collaborator, revealed that the Emmy and Oscar winners have nothing to do with the huge success expected by the Harvard School of Regulatory’s Fish Out of Water Rome Com.

“I had lunch with her before I turned to the ‘Alabama Candy House’ script,” Tennant told Insider as he recounted an oral history of Alabama’s Candy House’s 20th anniversary. “We were playing catch-up, and I used to think, ‘What are you? She or he said, ‘I made this movie that no one would see. It was stupid, but it was actually fun to make. It turned out to be ‘legal’ blonde’.”

The studio didn’t think of Witherspoon as Alaba until “Legally Blonde” became a hit, after former actress and producer Charlize Theron parted ways with the project The protagonist of the Massachusetts Candy House.

“Reese mentioned me and said, ‘You never would have thought they sent me your script!'” Tennant said. “The only motivation for making ‘Alabama Candy House’ was ‘legal blondes.'”

In Candy House, Alabama, Witherspoon plays Melanie, a professional woman engaged to the right man (Patrick Dempsey), but meets her ex (Patrick Dempsey) while planning a wedding in her hometown. Josh Lucas), changed her mind. Co-writer Tennant has already set about writing the script for the sequel centered on the subsequent era of Melanie’s daughter.

“I wrote a therapy, and a lot of it was about Reese and Melanie Lynskey taking their kids on college trips,” Tennant said. “Melanie doesn’t know. I haven’t seen her in years. I might work with Melanie Lynskey again. It’s every director’s dream. What she does on every shoot is amazing.”

Tennant added, “Josh [Lucas] I insisted on standing up for Reese, but she was busy. Even Reese’s lawyers are excited about the therapy. However, when I got here, it was closed. “

Meanwhile, production mogul Witherspoon cited Legally Blonde 3, which she likened to Prime Gun: Maverick as a decade-long sequel in the works.

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Reese Witherspoon thinks ‘no one’ will see ‘naturally blonde’

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