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Republican nominee for judge in Tarrant County joins ITP

Tarrant County Republican candidate Tim O’Hare said his aim was to get a 20 percent discount on taxes.

Tarrant County, Texas — Still, many have not recovered from the shock of our property tax payments, so identifying tips on how to reduce them is a key priority for many job seekers this November.

Tarrantricht County Republican candidate Tim O’Hare said he may be aiming for a 20 percent discount on taxes. He said the county will be able to try this out largely through attrition.

“What the federal government has repeatedly done is if someone leaves immediately without premeditated, we have to put out a job ad and exchange it,” O’Hare said InsideTexas Politics“What we’re going to do in Tarrant County is, we actually look at the job, the position, and the different jobs in each department to see if we really want to trade the job.”

O’Hare said Tarrant County and Fort Value are not doing well in attracting high-quality companies and jobs. So he believes that if the county can attract more companies, it will expand the corporate tax base and ease some of the burden on residents.

The Republicans also argue that stopping the federal government from bloating, which he believes is rising and rising to try to make up for “every shortcoming in the market,” would also help lower property taxes.

“We’re going to stop including new departments. We’re going to stop including new jobs. Freeze jobs and see if we can do it with what we bought. I’m sure we will,” the Republican said.

The goal, O’Hare said, is to spend more wisely and ensure Tarrant County gets the most out of its {dollar}.

So is it possible that he is ready to use taxpayer money?

Jerry Jones didn’t shy away from hosting another Super Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. With the advantages of internet hosting on such an important occasion, O’Hare said it’s probably one thing he’s helping, but until a full inspection.

“A huge bowl could be a huge economic boost for the entire region, especially for Tarrant County because the stadium is in Tarrant County,” O’Hare said. “That’s one thing I should see in professional form. I should see what’s upside. What kind of cash can we expect to return to the county. But that’s definitely one thing we might look at.”

O’Hare challenges Democrat Deborah in Tarrant County’s Choice race. Elections will be held on November 8. Early voting begins on October 24.

The Republican nominee also told us why he’s not concerned about Austin lawmakers breaking away from home-grown oversight. Listen to his full “Inside Texas Politics” interview for extra instruction.

Tarrant County’s Republican candidate joins ITP

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