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RTX 4090 Is On Sale In Hong Kong For $2,500 & More Latest News Here

Although we are far from launching RTX 4090a little Hongkong He is already promoting.Inexplicably, someone managed to get RTX 4090 Gaming Overclock of Gigabyte, This has a very circular value.

Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC for $2,500 in Hong Kong

A Hong Konger bought a graphics card GIGABYTE RTX 4090 Gaming Overclock Obtained from web-based suppliers before the official embargo date of sale. In return, they need to pay around HKD 20,000, $2,548 to change. That’s about $1,000 more than Nvidia’s MSRP.

Someone mentioned the graphics card RTX 4090 Reached companions all week and later to {hardware}’s portal and “reviewers”. That said, this model hasn’t made it to stores yet, so whoever got this graphics card and offered it was pretty lucky, or had some privileged access.

RTX 4090

We advocate information about one of the best graphics cards on the market

At the same time, the series does not have any official drivers RTX 40 However, it is believed that Nvidia may launch them on the same day October 12° subsequent. Still, for professional media, these drivers are available faster.

graphics card RTX 4090 It will basically be the most efficient model during the launch of the series RTX 40 Ida Lovelace. Cardboard has a GPU AD102 Including 16384 CUDA cores and those 24GB GDDR6X memory.With the purchase of this graphics card, an adapter with four 8-pin connectors to a single 12+4-pin connector, also known as 12VHPWR.

We just want as much efficiency as the environment, and in-store costs are usually not those. We will update you with all information.

The RTX 4090 goes on sale in Hong Kong for $2,500
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The RTX 4090 goes on sale in Hong Kong for $2,500
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The RTX 4090 goes on sale in Hong Kong for $2,500
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