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Scientology happy when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman split up: the book

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Scientology was happy when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman split: The book

According to the new book, “A Billion Years: My Escape from Scientology,” Tom Cruise began staying away from Scientology in 1997 while filming Stanley Kubrick’s intense film with his then-wife Nicole Kidman. “.

Former senior church official Mike Lind wrote that the star began ignoring calls from Scientology leader David Miskavig while filming in London. This allegedly prompted Miscavige to send the principal church director, Marty Rathbun, to the UK for a cruise audit – the process by which an entity uses its life events to soothe negative emotions and achieve a degree of “clarity”.

Cruise, Lind wrote, “gradually returned to the world of Scientology.”

However, this re-sacrifice is said to be “in [Cruise] and Nicole.

According to the book, Cruise kept his distance from Scientology while filming "Eyes wide open."
According to the book, Cruise distanced himself from Scientology while filming Eyes Wide Shut.

Kidman was taken to church by Cruise many years ago, but “never showed any particular interest in her Scientology classes or audits,” Lind wrote. It didn’t help that her father was a psychiatrist. (According to the Church of Scientology, psychiatry provides insufficient care and is overly reliant on psychotropic drugs.) “If she wasn’t Mrs Tom Cruise, she wouldn’t qualify for the OT level at all because of her family ties to psychiatry.”

The church clearly feels threatened due to Kidman’s influence on their most famous celebrity,” Rathbun said in a statement. [Hollywood lawyer] Burt Fields will hire notorious detective Anthony Pellicano to spy on Nicole and listen to her calls,” Lind wrote.

The couple adopted two children together, Isabella and Connor.
The couple adopted two children together, Isabella and Connor.
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Pellicano spent more than a decade in prison for a range of crimes, including wiretapping, racketeering, conspiracy and unlawful possession of explosives and grenades.

“The church has never ordered or participated in any illegal wiretapping,” a spokesman for the church on Page Six said. “Mike Rinder is a die-hard liar trying to profit from his dishonesty. He used false police reports, seditious propaganda and deceptive media coverage to organize the harassment of his former church and its Leaders, to support themselves.”

Cruise Wednesday "lake of dreams" In 2006, star Katie Holmes (pictured above with Cruise and daughter Suri), ex-Scientologist Leah Remini at their wedding claiming Cruise's daughter Bella was Nicole Key Deman's bad mom.
Cruise married Dawson Creek star Katie Holmes (pictured above with her daughter Suri) in 2006, former Scientologist Leah Remini said Cruise at the wedding daughter Bella and naughty mom Nicole Kidman.
Gamma Ray Method by Getty Images

Rathbun also claims the book turned the couple’s two adopted children — Isabella and Connor — against Kidman, instilling in them L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings about suppressors.

According to the reported canon of Scientology, oppressors are people recognized by the church as enemies and must be suppressed or destroyed.

“When Tom and Nicole divorced, Miskavig was happy that Nicole’s ‘negative influence’ was no longer distracting Tom,” Lind wrote. “The voyage has since become more enthusiastic, openly supporting Sanda.” base and hybrid. “

In her 2016 book, “Troublemakers: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,” church fugitive Leah Remini writes that after their father married Katie Holmes in 2006, she married Katie Holmes. Cruise and Kidman’s children share a ferry.The actress allegedly asked the siblings if they had seen their mother often since then Parents divorced in 2001.

“If I had a choice, no,” Bella said. “Our mom is the king of SP.”

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