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Shah Nawaz and Sarah Inam’s wedding was caught in yet another popular video.

Shah Nawaz Amir was the first suspect in the death of his spouse, Sarah Inan, who allegedly tried to tamper with evidence, according to a police review released on Sunday.

Six mobile phones were reportedly found at the crime scene, five of which belonged to Shah Nawaz, each of which was registered to the victim, according to police.

Police announced that the accused smashed his and his spouse’s phones with a deadly weapon, a dumbbell, to erase information.

Police have taken everyone into custody after arrest warrants were issued for Ayaz Amir and his ex-wife in the homicide. However, his partner has not been detained.

The spouse of prominent political analyst Ayaz Amir and Prime’s mother has accused Shah Nawaz, Sameen, in a petition filed in the Islamabad period court that she was not involved in the killing. She provided details of the bizarre incident, claiming that just the night before the crime, her son sent her a Whatsapp message asking her to rearrange his spouse’s rukhsati by talking to her father.

She went on to claim that Shah Nawaz knew her at 9.12am the next morning and let her know about it.

Shahnawaz was taken into police custody shortly after the petitioner asked her to sit in her room upon request. “The petitioner asked Shakhnawaz to take a seat in her room, while Ayaz…was called a police officer,” the petition read.

According to the petition, Sameena rushed to Shah Nawaz’s room, however when she arrived, her daughter-in-law had already left.

Islamabad was in shock as news of Sarah’s killing spread on social media and messaging channels on Friday morning.
Shahnawaz allegedly murdered her before dumping her body in a bathtub.

Another famous video documents the marriage of Shah Nawaz and Sarah Inam.

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