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Shooting at Kenny Wood Park, What Happened to Them?

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What happened to Kennywood Park?

Police were notified on Sunday morning that multiple people had been shot dead in Kennywood Park in West Mifflin on Saturday night. The park is located in West Mifflin. In the rush to flee the shooting, the officer suffered what police called a “stampede injury”. According to Allegheny County Police, the location where the three were shot was known as “Lost Kenny Woods” in the park, which is located near the Music Express.

According to County Sheriff Christopher Kearns, the shooting happened at about 10:50 p.m. in front of the Musical Express in the park’s lost Kennywood area as a result of a shooting between two groups of youths. caused by the “event”. The ride is located at Kennywood Amusement Park.

What happened to the victim?

Three people were injured by the shooting. Two people were shot; a 15-year-old boy who is recovering at a children’s hospital and an adult who was shot, treated and discharged.

A third person hit by the bullet went to McKeesport Hospital, where they are currently being treated.

Who are the suspects?

Superintendent Kearns mentioned that they were looking for a young black male in connection with the incident.

According to him, the suspect was dressed in black, wearing a black surgical mask and a black hoodie.

People are checked with metal detectors as they enter the park; police say they don’t know how the gunman got his weapon through security checks.

Seven officers from the County Sheriff’s Department, two from the West Mifflin Police Department and Kennywood’s internal security officers patrolled the park Saturday night, according to authorities.

West Mifflin Police Chief Greg McCulloch said his officers assisted a shooting victim and then called for support to help deal with the remaining casualties. Additionally, he said his police officers helped escort the participants out of the park.

After the shooting, a large number of law enforcement officers rushed to the sprawling amusement park from various departments located across the county.

The original statement from the county police called an “incident” at the park. The Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety said in a subsequent tweet that city officials were assisting in the response to the shooting.

The idyllic grounds overlooking the Monongahela River were once a recreational playground away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Pittsburgh. However, over the past 12 years, it has transformed into one of the largest amusement parks in the world, with rides and attractions for visitors of all ages. Jack Rabbit, Racer, and Thunderbolt are three roller coasters built in the 1920s in an area that was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1987. The rides are just as exciting today as they were then.Debut

In addition to traditional roller coasters, Kennywood’s new Steelers National also features modern thrill rides such as Phantom Revenge, Exterminator, Sky Rocket and Steel Curtain. This is the first theme park area dedicated to a professional sports organization.

In Kennywood, younger guests come for the many family-friendly rides, a large area called Kiddieland in the heart of the park, and Thomas TownTM. At the Thomas & FriendsTM attraction, the second largest permanent attraction in North America, there will be five new rides based on popular children’s brands, as well as live performances, indoor play areas and other features.

A trip to Kennywood is sure to fill the entire family with excitement, both first-time and lifetime season ticket holders. One of Pennsylvania’s best places for family fun, Kennywood is conveniently located just 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Kennywood tickets are available at prices to suit every budget, and Group Sales can help organize an unforgettable trip for groups ranging from 10 to 15,000. people.

Kennywood details

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At Kennywood, you’ll find a unique mix of timeless tradition and modern excitement you won’t find anywhere else. We’re excited to entertain your family soon!

police investigation

In Kennywood, police found a gun and reported their findings. EMS teams from all over Allegheny and Westmoreland counties were dispatched to the park when told there would be “mass casualties.” The Allegheny County Police Department is participating in the investigation in conjunction with the West Mifflin Police Department.

Kennywood Park Statement

Kennywood Park released the following statement on Sunday morning:

The amusement park has closed and all the guests have left. We are currently working with local authorities to investigate what happened last night. Our primary concern is always the well-being of our customers and employees. Park security, as well as Allegheny County and West Mifflin Police Department officers, were on the scene and responded immediately.

Who is Susan Coppen?

Susan Koeppen is the host of Channel 11 News’ 4 o’clock news program. He took over the breaking news section of Channel 11 News at 5pm. Susan is a well-known journalist in her field. He has received numerous awards, including three Gracie Allen Awards and nine Emmys, among other honors.

While Susan was standing in the parking lot waiting, she heard two shots. From what he heard, a nearby parent yelled at his children to leave.

Immediately after hearing the gunshots in Kennywood, I pulled out my camera and took these pictures. After hearing a loud bang, I immediately contacted my son and ordered him to flee the area.

Susan called her daughter, who immediately followed her and hurried into her car. He said many children he had never seen before were hiding in his car for no other reason.

What are the dirty scenes people are willing to admit?

Those present at the time recalled the chaotic scenes of gunfire in the park and parents and children running to the exit.

According to a police report at approximately 12:40am, when we arrived there were only a few people outside waiting for a car to leave the area. Everyone in the park was forced to evacuate. Kennywood employees who left the park were told not to speak to reporters about the events they were there as witnesses.

This past weekend marked the start of Kennywood’s famous Phantom Fall Festival, which brings huge numbers of visitors to the amusement park each year. A pair of sunglasses were found on the ground in front of the Music Express on Sunday morning, and police officers could be seen standing in front of passengers. There were incident tapes that were stretched and marked with evidence.

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