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Six teenagers make rap video in custody after brandishing guns in apartment complex, police say

Of the nine teenagers arrested, six were arrested and three others were fired on the spot.

SAN ANTONIO — Six young men were detained as police mentioned they were brandishing weapons in the air while filming a rap video in a residential area.

Police responded to a study of a gun-related riot in the 100 block of Dresden Avenue near Blanco. Residents of the space watched the reaction unfold.

“Generally it’s a very quiet avenue, except for this complex here, where the police are almost every weekend,” Rudy Senderjo told KENS 5.

Officials mentioned that no fewer than 13 young people were wielding weapons in the vast space of a residential complex.

The police arrived here first and explicitly ordered the suspect to put down the gun and go to the bottom of the water.

While some of them complied, others began trying to flee the police.

In total, nine people were arrested and four firearms were seized, along with three pistols and an AR pistol. Senderjo said he was not shocked that the young men had such weapons.

“I don’t know where they came from, but as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter that they’re going to keep getting them,” Senderjo said.

Police found that some of the teens arrested had excellent warrants.

The group of young people told police they had been trying to make rap videos.

“What if one of all these weapons was fired unintentionally and someone was injured or killed, or a toddler was injured? That’s a priority for me,” Senderjo said.

Video evidence was found to find out who owned each firearm found. Of the nine teenagers arrested, six were arrested and three were taken away on the spot.

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Complicated to make rap video after six teens brandish weapons at residence, police say

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