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Sound On Sound Promises Changes After Attendees Raise Concerns

BRIDGEPORT — David Lewis and his spouse entered the Sound On Sound pageant in Bridgeport on Saturday in hopes of a fun day of music on the water.

There was no sound from either side of the stage. No cell phone service; meals run out quickly; cars create hours-long parking bottlenecks. His tickets are worth $200; parking is $75.

“I felt totally disrespected,” Lewis said. “I think (with) the promise of the occasion, the expectations are pretty high – and it’s far from being met.”

Organisers pledged to make adjustments to improve the professionalism of the Sunday music gathering, noting that they had received a series of complaints about professionalism the previous day.

“We took your advice,” officials tweeted.” “We are researching and revising expertise in real time. “

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