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SRK drops shirtless pic on social media, flaunts ‘Pathaan’ abs, long hair

MUMBAI, September 25 (IANS) Bollywood hit man Shahrukh Khan has added his work to unnatural climate change as he posted a shirtless photo of himself on Digital Leisure to get his following The person fainted.

The entertainer, who regularly organizes three big delivery events, posted a photo of himself on his Instagram on Sunday, which should have been seen with his long hair and his body ripped and belly as he sat on the sofa. Muscles and arms are minimized.


In his subtitle, he said: “My shirt immediately: ‘Tum hoti toh kaisa hota. Tum iss baat pe hairaan hoti, tum iss baat pe kitni hansti…Tum hoti toh aisa hota. I’m equally sticking to #Pathaan.”

After SRK shared the photo, his fans flocked to the comment section, ranting, such as: “2023 has your place, it’s just you! Whenever I consider that you’re trying to support us with three movies a year from now, It keeps me close to home. All my admiration and respect for you, my legend.”

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