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Stardew Valley Creator Shares Update On Version 1.6 Release & More Latest News Here

Lifestyle Farming Sim by Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone stardew valley Sooner or later you will get the 1.6 update. In June, he revealed how it would handle modding and add some “new content”.

So, what’s the latest? Fear not – it’s still the best way to go. Responding to a fan asking about some of the goals on social media, Barone simply said it would arrive when it was ready. Here it is complete:

No target release date…just “ready”

Barone is likely to struggle with his follow-up duties at the moment haunted chocolatierIn the meantime, it’s locked for a PC release, but no other major platforms have been confirmed.

Stardew’s earlier Model 1.5 update was rolled out on Nintendo Swap in the last 12 months of February, and it’s still the best way to go on mobile. It adds new entertainment options as well as “Farm by the Sea,” advanced entertainment options for custom games, split-screen native co-op, and more.

Are you continuing to enjoy Stardew Valley on Nintendo Swap? What do you hope to see from future replacements for this game? Remarks below.

Stardew Valley creators share replacements when model 1.6 is released and updated with the latest information

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Stardew Valley creators share replacements on model 1.6 release and extra lodging info

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Stardew Valley creators share replacement on model 1.6 release and extra info as we speak

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