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Summary Of The Match Spain Vs Switzerland (1-2). GOALSHalftime & More Latest News Here

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This Spain Among the outstanding expertise, those who desire to succeed in the world have obtained slap in residential due to switzerland overwhelmingWhoever guessed the installed tactics and was rewarded by a factor of three that put him in the UEFA Nations League Group 2 fight.

Lewis Henryand He has defended his staff, saying he is trying to call up players who have the best rhythm in golf equipment, whether in La Liga or in different European competitions.Nonetheless, obviously this method is useless In the duel between La Romaneda and the Swiss.

That’s it, Swiss simply him Two installations of tactical strikes are enough And it’s almost a Navy order to stop the Crimson Fury in its theme, it hasn’t been misplaced for 4 years.

Manuel starts the first half Akan-ji Temple opens This mark The Swiss headed home after a corner kick. His advantage was facing and winning a rebound from César Azpilicueta, a spectator who could see how the ball stinged on the grass and shook the net.

This tie 1-1 came here thanks to a great game Marco Asensio (these summoned men with little golf equipment) managed to clear their opponent’s trail and assist Jody Alba (another very little exercise), he went into the world and framed a powerful shot above the goalkeeper.

despite this, away response Another kick from the corner 57 minutesWhen Akanji got the ball again, this time he just combed and deflected the ball into the middle of the small space, where the sea of ​​legs tried to hit the ball, although it was the defender’s Eric Garcia one for accidentally put balln to achieve the purpose 2-1.

That’s how it stays victory of Swiss who put Group 2 on the hearthWith 6 items, it has a factor close to Spain, which has 8. And Portugal reached 10 in their victory over the Czech Republic.

The last emotion is polite Carlos SolerWho took advantage of the overflowing Borja Iglesias to cross, but the goalkeeper cooled the goal call, thus ending Spain’s defeat.


Spain vs Switzerland (1-2) match summary.goal half
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Spain vs Switzerland (1-2) match summary.goal half
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Spain vs Switzerland (1-2) match summary.goal half
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