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Sweden Speaks Of “sabotage” – Andersson Calls Scholz & More Latest News Here

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The pressure inside the Nord Stream pipeline is dropping alarmingly. Federal Authorities Suspect Attacks: Scenarios in Information Code.

Replacement starting Wednesday, September 28 at 5:30AM: According to Swedish authorities’ assessment, the underwater explosion of the Nord Stream pipeline was the result of sabotage. Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson mentioned this at a press conference on Tuesday night. Based primarily on data from Sweden and Denmark, it was concluded that this was most likely intentional. “So this is likely an inquiry into sabotage,” she said. Swedish Protection Minister Peter Holtquist later mentioned that they have been able to allocate army assets as needed. At the press conference, Prime Minister Anderson also mentioned the agreement with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister Olaf Schultz and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

The picture shows the outlet level of the North Stream leak. © Danish Protection Command / image Alliance / dpa

+++ 10.15 points: The leaks in the Baltic pipeline Nord Stream 1 and a pair of pipelines from Russia to Germany were the result of a “deliberate action”, according to Danish authorities. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen mentioned late Tuesday that the clear opinion from the authorities was that it was not an accident, but did not comment on the underlying cause.

Dan Jörgensen, Denmark’s Minister of Vitality and Local Meteorology, mentioned at an information conference that the hole for the gasoline leak was “too big” to trigger randomly. Although Nord Stream 1 and a pair of pipelines are not currently operational, they are full of gasoline. Jörgensen said Copenhagen assumes it will take “at least a week” to use up the methane escaping from the pipeline.

Nord Stream leak: Habeck declined to comment

+++ 8:51pm: Economy Minister Harbeck would not mention the cause of the leaks in Nord Stream 1 and a pair of pipelines. Don’t want to speculate, because it should be clear how the injury happened in the first place. Subsequently, Germany maintained close contact with the Danish authorities.

+++ 7.55pm: According to data from Mirror A few weeks ago, the United States warned federal authorities of a possible attack on gasoline pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Got a corresponding tip from the US Secret Service CIA in Berlin in the summer. Federal authorities did not wish to comment publicly.

The United States warned federal authorities a few weeks ago that gasoline pipelines in the Baltic Sea could be attacked. According to SPIEGEL, the summer in Berlin received a corresponding tip from the CIA, an American agent.

+++ 7.52pm: A NATO official said in Brussels that the Army Coalition “is carefully monitoring the situation in the Baltic Sea”. Berlin’s federal interior ministry said the damage to the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines was “very serious”. “We are in close contact with within the federal authorities, with German security authorities and with our Danish and Swedish partners.”

Nord Stream Pipeline: Russian Sabotage?

+++ 5.46pm: Tor Ivar Strömmen, a Norwegian army scientist and naval officer, told the information company on Tuesday (September 27): “In three completely different locations, with such great distances between them, the leak could have been entirely the result of deliberate action or sabotage. ” AFPAt the same time, Russia is a potential specific person responsible for him.

+++ 4.30pm: The Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines on Swedish and Danish territory apparently suffered underwater explosions.This is reported by Swedish TV SVT Citing the National Center for Seismology. As a result, two violent explosions occurred. “There is no doubt that these are explosions,” said Professor Björn Lund, a seismologist at Sweden’s national seismological community. “You can probably see very clearly how the waves bounce off the seafloor to the surface,” Lund said.

Footage taken from a Danish military helicopter confirms this. They presented the exit factors for three gasoline leaks on the Nord Stream pipeline. Professional Kritstoffer Böttzauw, director of the Danish company Vitality, told Danish media: “It’s not small. It’s a huge gap.”

+++ 3.45pm: Ukraine also flagged a leak found on the Nord Stream pipeline as sabotage. Mikhailo Podoljak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said it was a “terrorist attack”. He tweeted that it was “nothing more than a deliberate Russian terrorist attack and aggression against the EU”. Russia aims to destabilize Europe in winter, especially in the power sector. Podoljak said the “best response” to the provocation was “Ukrainian tanks.”

North Stream pipeline damaged? Poland talks about ‘subsequent level of escalation’

+++ 3pm: Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has mentioned that the leak of the Nord Stream pipeline was the result of sabotage. “We don’t know what happened there, but we would clearly see that there was vandalism,” Morawiecki said next to the opened gasoline pipeline in Goleniow, near Szczecin. The sabotage “is likely to be an escalation of what we are dealing with in Ukraine”.

+++ 1.45pm: Two additional leaks were apparently found within the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.Information company research Reuters. It mentions that gasoline is now escaping into the Baltic Sea. Offshore traces of Russian-owned gasoline pipeline have suffered ‘unprecedented’ damage. Data cannot be independently verified.

+++ 12.30 pm: Russia did not lead the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline. “There may not be any variant left out now,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “It is clear that the road is ruined. And for whatever purpose, until the results of the investigation, You can’t rule out any variant,” he said. Russian authorities were “unusually involved” in the sudden drop in pressure inside the pipeline.

Replacement starting at 11:15AM on Tuesday, September 27: According to Danish authorities, a full three leaks were found on 2 Nord Stream 1 and a pair of pipes. The operator reported the strain drop within the tube in advance.he studies that NDT.

Two of the three leaks discovered were on Nord Stream 1 in the northeast of Bornholm Island and one was on Nord Stream 2 in the southeast of the island. According to the Danish Vitality Company, in the case of Nord-Stream 1, a spill occurred in Danish waters, while the opposite occurred in Swedish waters, in the case of Nord-Stream 2 in Denmark. As none of the pure gasoline pipelines are currently running, these events currently have no impact on the electricity supply in Europe.

First report for Tuesday, September 27 at 8:30am: BERLIN – An unusual drop in strain was measured in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gasoline pipelines a few days ago. Production capacity dropped unexpectedly. This is apparently not a coincidence, as federal authorities suspect it.

of everyday mirror Research shows that the federal government is conducting a focused attack on the pipeline. “We would not consider a situation where this was not a concentrated attack,” an unnamed person with knowledge of the assessment by federal authorities and federal businesses told the paper. “Every part is against coincidence.”

Nord Stream Pipeline: Sudden Strain Drop – Was there an attack behind it?

Both the Commonwealth Community Corporation and the Federal Department of Economic Affairs mentioned on Monday evening (September 26) that the cause of the drop in strain in the Nord Stream pipeline had not yet been acknowledged. It mentioned that they are related to the relevant authorities. Part of a thoughtful investigation could be an assessment of the seabed passing through the pipeline. Navy divers and submarines are used for this purpose.arrive everyday mirrorAccording to the report, there are two possible scenarios that could explain the strange drop in pressure: Based on this, saboteurs from Russia and Ukraine could be behind it. However, these are speculations. So far, neither responsible government has commented. (tu/mse and dpa/AFP)

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