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Ted Cruz praises ‘spectacular’ Giorgia Meloni as GOP finds potential ally

Ted Cruz tweeted that Italy’s potential new prime minister was “spectacular,” a sign that the Republican senator strongly identifies with the far-right European leader who declared victory after Sunday’s election.

Feedback from senators suggests the GOP may seek an alliance with Georgia Meloni – who may be Italy’s first female prime minister and the most far-right leader since fascist wartime dictator Benito Mussolini – in hopes Energize the country as an ally of the Republican Party.

Cruz, who represents Texas, posted his award online in response to a video clip he shared, which must have been a speech by Meloni, through which she outlined some of her points.

Cruz Retweeted Part of Meloni’s speech, with a simple one-word title: “Spectacular.”

Victory sign by Giogia Meloni
Giorgia Meloni, president of the Italian friars, reacted to Rome’s exit poll information on Monday. Ted Cruz tweeted that Italy’s potential new prime minister was “spectacular,” a sign that Republicans strongly identify with the far-right leader.
Getty Images

Subtitles translate the words of the Italian politician into English as she told the crowd: “Why is the family the enemy? Why is the family so terrible? There is an answer to all these questions. So it defines us. Since everything that defines us is now the enemy of those who need us without any identity but just slaves to good clients.

“They also attack national identity, they attack spiritual identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I cannot describe myself as: Italian, Christian, lady, mom. No, I have to be citizen x, gender x, mother or father 1. Mother or Father 2. I have to be quantity because after I am just quantity, after I misplace my roots, then I am a proper slave to currency speculators.[But] We will defend it.

“We will defend God, country and family. Issues that make people very sick. We will do so to defend our freedom. So we will never be slaves and easy customers at the mercy of economic speculators.”

She ended her speech with a quote from British author GK Chesterton: “‘The sword is drawn to show that summer leaves are inexperienced.’ That point has come. We are ready.”

While Meloni’s remarks about gender identity and Christianity will clearly be a wake-up call for Cruz — who has spoken out on related issues and often refers to his personal religious beliefs — whether their respective events have any bearing on different key points related views?

In early 2022, Meloni laid out her political ideology in a speech to members of Spain’s far-right Vox.Through the points, she told the noisy crowd: “Definitely pure family, not LGBT hallway, definitely gender identity, not gender ideology…not Islamic violence, definitely framed security, not mass immigration…to mass The Global Finance Says No…to the Bureaucrats in Brussels [the European Union]! “

So Cruz will be involved a lot.

Moreover, Melloni appears to have been riding a wave of populism that mirrors the desire fostered by current Republican President Donald Trump. Like Trump, Meloni has described himself as speaking on behalf of all politically disaffected, specifically discussing concerns about the so-called immigration threat.

After declaring victory, Meloni vowed to “reinvigorate Italy” in keeping with Trump’s promise to “make America great again.”

Nonetheless, there are some differences between Cruz and Meloni, which will mean some differences between their respective insurance policies.

Although each of them shared a common view — often referring to their Christianity and seeing it intertwined with their political views and opinions — Cruz was a Southern Baptist, while Meloni was a Catholic.

Cruz is considered anti-abortion, but Meloni said she would not change current abortion legal guidelines, which have been approved in Italy since 1978, although it remains elusive. She promised abortion would remain “accessible, safe and empowered”. Still, Meloni claims her mother nearly aborted her, including the “prevention” part of the regulations she also wants to tighten. Critics fear her approach undermines women’s right to have an abortion.

Cruz is not a Republican who has publicly helped Meloni. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon also praised her management. It was also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin could also be a potential ally for Meloni, as his list of friends dwindles due to his growing bloody conflict with Ukraine.

However, Melloni’s success has reportedly raised alarm among various European leaders, while US Democratic President Joe Biden has yet to speak about her election.

Information week Representatives for Cruz and Meloni have been contacted for comment.

Ted Cruz praises ‘spectacular’ Georgia Melloni as GOP finds potential ally

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