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Teen supports for refusing to let his stepsister in his room: ‘Uncomfortable’

The internet has backed a teen after he revealed how he refused to open the locked door for his stepsister.

In a post on Sunday’s standard Reddit r/AmITeA**gap discussion board, consumer u/AITA_lockedlock defined how his 14-year-old stepsister dealt with a traumatic event six months ago and was afraid of being alone.

Egophobia—often called a phobia—is an intense fear of being alone. The Cleveland Clinic commented that an estimated 1 in 10 American adults suffers from a phobia, and 1 in 5 young adults will struggle with autism at some unspecified time in the future.

Phobias usually begin in childhood, and some people may attribute their concerns about being alone to specific disruptive or traumatic experiences, as well as witnessing unsupported events or being separated from a loved one.

door closed and teenage girl
A file photo of the door being closed, left, and a file photo of a teenage woman sitting alone, distraught, right. Network supports a teen who refuses to let stepsister into his bedroom.
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For most people, remediation and medical assistance may also help overcome egophobia, with a wide range of remedies including cognitive behavioral remediation (CBT) and anti-anxiety therapy to help victims overcome their fears.

With 1,000 likes and more than 900 replies, the post gained traction online, where the 16-year-old defines, “We never get shut down because I don’t spend a lot of time. With my dad, we don’t work together very often. We usually fight, though because she always tends to come into my room and deal with my problems or just grab the market, even though she knows she’s not allowed.”

His father locked his bedroom door as his young stepsister insisted on going to his room, but things were made even more tricky by the woman’s trauma earlier in the 12 months.

“Even if something happened to her, she would randomly come into my room, usually when our mum and dad were both working on something and we were alone, a small discussion, or she sat on my pouf on,” Redditor defined. “It was pretty embarrassing for me, I tried to sympathize with her, but like I mentioned, we were never closed and trustworthy, I’m not used to someone just walking into my room and trying to divert time to spend with me Pass.”

The boy explained that his stepsister came to his room two or three weeks ago and sat down before she started sobbing: “I’ve asked a few times what happened, but she didn’t answer, I should mostly be mine.” Get out of the private room until she’s ready,” he explained. “I told my dad about it, he told my stepmother and my stepsister’s therapist, and my dad promised he would talk to her too, although he didn’t show up. On multiple occasions, it exhausted me nonetheless, so I just started locking it.

However, when her dad and mum started dating, the 14-year-old knocked on her stepbrother’s door: “I asked her again if she wanted anything, he or she said no, and I mentioned again that I was busy , and then she asked me to please let her in, but to be trustworthy, I was actually exhausted and didn’t need her to sit there sobbing, so I said no,” the poster defines.

Teenager’s stepmother was upset when her dad and mum came back and noticed the woman outside the bedroom: “My stepmother called me the most important asshole because I was supposed to take extra care of her and whenever she knocked on my door To reply.” She,” he said, “it made me very upset because I wasn’t being rude or anything, and my dad asked me to go to my room and cook for me for the rest of the night. “

The poster turned to the web for help, asking if there were any flaws in setting the road with his stepsister, and amid a flood of feedback, different Redditors scrambled to share their thoughts.

“I don’t think you’re an asshole,” said one commenter. “We are a mixed family (my husband and I share three sons) and it’s great that they get on well and are the best of friends.

Another commenter was convinced it wasn’t the boy’s responsibility to take care of your sister, saying: “It’s not your job to tell them the trauma of caring for a stepsister. If she can’t be left alone, her mum has to rent a caretaker for her after they leave. It is unreasonable to expect you to be their therapist.

“Your stepsister won’t respect your boundaries for any purpose. Your parents want to know it’s not being honest with you,” another replied.

Another Redditor wrote: “If your dad and stepmother don’t want to leave her alone, they won’t leave the house. You’re not responsible for them.”

“Stop going to your dad,” another suggested in response: “You’re a child, not a therapist or trauma specialist, and it’s not your job to let them into your room and cry. You have the right to protect your privacy, and even have Right not to do things that make you uncomfortable.”

Information week Request a comment from u/AITA_lockedlock. We cannot confirm the fine print on this case at this time.

If you have the same family issues, please let us know at [email protected]. We can seek referrals from advisors, and your story is likely to appear in Newsweek.

Teen help refuses to let his stepsister into his room: ‘Uncomfortable’

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