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Texas family discovers abandoned baby in backyard shed after man steals neighbor’s vehicle

A Texas family found an abandoned toddler in their yard shed Saturday morning after their security cameras caught someone stealing a neighbor’s truck.

John and Katharine McClain spoke to KHOU about waking up Saturday morning to the sound of a neighbour’s car driving away. They reviewed security footage they recorded and confirmed a predominantly naked man roaming the McClain property.

The person was seen checking the doors of the car to see if they were unlocked. Without success, he moved into a neighbor’s house where he could steal a truck and drive away.

The McLeans called them neighbors and the truck was immediately reported stolen.

Katherine told the news outlet that her Livingston community is generally peaceful and safe.

Assuming the riot was over, the couple were already stunned when their dog started barking in the yard shed.

Catherine mentioned that her husband immediately advised her to call the police after she opened the shed door.

“He mentioned, ‘Name 911, have a child.’ I thought he was just kidding,” Kathryn advised KHOU. “Little snake? What is the child?”

John mentioned that when he approached the shed with his dog, he heard cries from inside. When he opened the door, he found a toddler on the ground in the shed.

“After I turned it on, the newborn was right next to the bike,” John said.

Katherine was referring to the authorities, and the dispatcher knew she might decide on the newborn. Catherine wrapped the little woman in a towel and took her in, and they were waiting for an ambulance.

Paramedics examined the child at the scene before taking him to a Houston hospital.

Security footage confirmed the man who brought the newborn into the shed was indoors with the child for several hours. He was then seen leaving the shed alone and walking towards the car on the property.

Police located and arrested the person seen in McClain’s security footage. He was found driving a truck stolen by a neighbour and charged with abandoning or endangering a baby. His car was found near the tracks behind the McLean property.

Catherine said she was shocked by the incident.

“I’m a mother,” she told the information media. “I used to be pretty busy and determined. Still, it got me a little bit.”

Catherine mentioned that she and her family could be ready to take care of the little woman.

She mentioned: “I just need her to be completely satisfied and have a good life, ? If you give them to me, I’ll take them immediately. He or she will never be afraid again.”

Texas family finds abandoned child in yard after man steals neighbor’s car

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