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The CGT Asked The Government For More Firmness To Solve The Tire Conflict & More Latest News Here

CGT co-head Héctor Daer as he leaves Quinta de Olivos (photo Franco Fafasuli)

The Confederation of Basic Labour (CGT) has asked Alberto Fernández to be “extraordinarily determined” to tackle the battle that has crippled the tire business and caused upheaval in the auto industry: Union members told him that this was “Ideological Strategies Beyond Wages and Labor Issues” From the union headed by Alejandro Crespo belonging to Partido Obrero. “Union tensions jeopardize labor sources and secure businesses“, they agreed.

Ask the federal government to intervene additional decision In this crucial battle, the President and 7 CGT leaders Inside Quinta de Olivos, the head of staff is also involved, John Manzur; secretary of labor, Claudio Moroni and the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Julius Vitorbello.

There he remembered when they were eating grilled meat with salad Alberto Fernández will lead a celebration of justice in San Miguel de Tucumán on October 17, Every Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa is invited to participate, except the governor, mayor, legislators and CGT.

Tire union president Alejandro Crespo speaks at a mobilization meeting in front of the Ministry of Labor (Photo Luciano González)
Alejandro Crespo, head of the tire union, speaks on the mobilization ahead of the Labor Department (Photo Luciano Gonzalez)

Those who ensured their presence in the PJ Act are current union members: CGE co-owners Hector Dahl (happiness) and Carlos Acuna (Service station); Andres Rodriguez (UPCN), Gerardo Martinez (UOCRA), Armando Cavalieri (Business), Jose Luis Ringgley (sanitary engineering) and alone george (insurance coverage).no Paul Moyano (Trucker), the opposing member of the Big Three who lead the CGT. “He was not part of the group that organized the meal,” one of the many attendees defined.

past reasons, obviously distribute The truth is that it exists where the CGT, Moyano’s son and his allies Federal employees are present, Corresponding to Sergio Palazzo (The Banker), is Consistent with Kirchnerism. After the attack on Christina Kirchner, strikes and mobilizations were filed in every department before the court, but the initiative was brake Consists of the main body of the union, consisting of “los Gordos”, independents and a brand new community.

In another pattern of change within unions, Pablo Moano bought Crespo last week Inside the CET headquarters at Azopardo 802 and expressed his “Help with legal declarations” Tire Union.The rest of CGT’s management before Alberto Fernandez go some distance union strikes and ask for an answer This avoids disruption to business and employees.

Pablo Moyano and Tire Union leaders led by Alejandro Crespo gather at CGT
Pablo Moyano and Tire Alliance leaders led by Alejandro Crespo gather at CGT

Protests in the tire industry is affecting the automotive business Car manufacturing is paralyzed by lack of cover: of course, one of Pablo Moyano’s main allies is Mario ManriqueDeputy Secretary of the Mechanical Trade Union (SMATA), so far no pronunciation A fierce battle over complicating what it represents.

The meals at Quinta de Olivos restaurant are An initiative of Rodriguez and Martinez, managed by Dahl, One of the many leaders closest to Alberto Fernandez.The idea at the time was “Consolidating the President’s Institutional Position” Between Christina Kirchner’s leading position in the authorities and Sergio Massa’s solid government position in shaping the economic system.

In itself, who takes steps to address social work’s money disaster is Massa, who last week confirmed the president’s selection of the past 12 months to commit to the CGT, but who no way Formalized: Send some 24 billion pesos social work system “stepped on” by the Ministry of Economy and, as well as incorporating the 2023 price range challenge A specific commodity so that the state funds the incapacity advantage immediately instead of being funded by the welfare union system.

José Luis Lingeri, head of the sanitary engineering union, leaves Quinta de Olivos (photo Franco Fafasuli)
José Luis Lingeri, head of the sanitary engineering union, leaves Quinta de Olivos (Photo by Franco Fafasuli)

At the Olivos General Assembly, the President and CGT reviewed the financial agenda: Union members reiterate their concerns about rising inflation and approve their protections for ‘liberal parity’ As a solution to compensate wages. As an alternative, they state Fixed sum enhancement by Cristina Kirchner not on the table Targeting low-income employees, this was an initiative backed by Pablo Moyano and Kirchner union motions but rejected by most of the CGT for the following reasons “Flattening the pay scale”.

Still, Massa told the CGE delegation that he visited him last week to talk about the difficulty of the social task, May be awarded only at the end of 12 months not a hard and fast amount but an unpaid salary bonus, Its fee will actually depend on the probability of each company.

Global points were also mentioned at lunch: elections in Brazil were mentioned, the president and CGT agreed Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s eventual victory over Jair Bolsonaro will mean an “engine” that could give the entire region a strong boost.

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CGT asks authorities to be firmer in tackling tire battle
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CGT asks authorities to be firmer in tackling tire battle
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CGT asks authorities to be firmer in tackling tire battle
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