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The chilling video shows an Iranian woman being beaten after removing her hijab

Disturbing videos have emerged of a young Iranian woman being beaten by experts after she took off her hijab, a brutality that has swept the country since a young woman was arrested on suspicion of breaking the dress code.

Recordings shared by London-based Iran Global showed the young woman being chased and falling to the ground after removing her hijab in front of security forces.


“This video, obtained by @IranIntl, shows a young Iranian woman taking off her hijab and opening her arms to security forces, but being beaten mercilessly,” the media source said. – Post on Twitter.

According to Israeli media sources, the death toll has risen to around 41 since 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died on September 16 at the National Nursing Center because her hair did not look like a hijab.

The loss of life usually involved protesters, but also elements of the Islamic Republic’s security forces.

However, the Oslo-based Iranian Mutual Freedom Association viewed the 57-year-old wounded as part of a dissident, the Israeli newspaper said.

On Monday, authorities said 1,200 demonstrators were involved in the unrest, as indicated by the power source.

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