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The Cleaning Lady Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 – Is [Spoiler] Dead?

The next submission contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 2 Cleansing girl.

douchebag cleaning girlWords from Season 2: There is a good chance that what you received did not come out alive.

Weekly after Tony’s husband Marco was killed in the premiere of the second season of the Fox series, crime boss Hayak Barsamian died on Monday’s episode while Oman was in prison. He was fatally injected in an altercation between two men who shot in the shower.

“There is no typical father of Arman, nor Hayak to help him financially, to help him, to inform him, who Yes Are you poor? We’re getting into every character of Oman and watching Oman rise again,” co-showrunner Melissa Carter told TVLine’s choice to note Hayak. “When he met Tony in the final season, she asked him to ask: ‘Do you want this felony world? Do you want these horrible people? What if you chose a unique path? When we darkened Thony’s path, the query wasn’t as up-to-date as the first season. It’s two characters holding up mirrors to each other and asking these moral questions about how dark you can go and still redeem your soul. “

Now that Oman doesn’t have Hayak or his gun business (but was recently released from prison), “he has to make a change,” confirmed co-showrunner Miranda Kuo, who offers fun, “he obviously never went to his normal job before. “

“Part of the battle this season is him trying to determine where he’s going to finish,” Guo continued. “He started out with Tony into the felony business, but it’s actually been on the rise from the start and it’s not going to be that simple by nature.”

Monday Hour also introduced us to Mortgage Shark Robert Kamdal, presented by misplaced Alum Naveen Andrews. A former lover of Nadia, Robert is described by Carter as “the ATM of a felony organization” – now that he lent Arman $1.6 million to escape from prison, he now owes Arman to an even more sinister businessman.

“Robert Kamdar was definitely an opportunity to point out that each of our characters has abilities that surpass the others,” Carter explained. “Throughout the first season, Arman’s drive has been to escape Hayak, put on the crown, be his sidekick, be efficient. With Robert’s introduction, another person can put Arman under their thumb. What is he going to do to restore his personal energy?”

Clean Girls Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 – Yes [Spoiler] No life?

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