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The Contradictions Of Íñigo Onieva That Would Have Made Tamara Falcó Cut Off Their Relationship In A Sudden Way & More Latest News Here

Despite Íñigo Onieva’s repeated attempts to cover up what happened in Burning Man 2022, all his lies have been debunked

Without a doubt, it’s essentially the most popular cleaning soap opera of the last few days. After announcing their wedding engagement, Tamara Falcó will sabotage her relationship with Íñigo Onieva after businessman’s infidelity. Isabel Pressler’s daughter’s life has been turned upside down, and the media earthquake triggered by this betrayal leads the chef to make the choice to explicitly part ways with her. Íñigo, on behalf of his other half, posted a press release on the social network in which he apologized to the man who was his fiancee at the time and who was responsible for the infidelity: “In the film that was played, I seemed to be in an unacceptable angle, in which I’m so sorry and sad about this. I apologize for being untrustworthy and I publicly apologize to Tamara and her family. Despite this, the young man has launched many lies and contradictions to cover up the reality. We all know that!

Íñigo Onieva has been captured and all efforts to defend himself have been in vain. The video of him kissing young Brazilian model Marina seems to have spread like wildfire, Now we’ve found his tip to overlay the info.


“I’ve been going to that place for years, actually three years, and that video is from 2019. Clothing repeats again and again” Íñigo Onieva admits to making it clear that the ‘dress code’ for the Burning Man pageant is the same at all times. But the truth is, a selection of photos on his Instagram profile confirms that this time he’s wearing a dressier than previous years Unique attire. In the 2019 edition, he appeared in a floral-print shirt, which conflicted with what he said at the beginning, which seems to be repeated every year, and in the public photos of himself, he never seems to be wearing a leaked clip clothes, so no doubt these snapshots were taken in August between September 5 and 28, 2022.

Íñigo Onieva competes in the 2019 edition of the Burning Man pageant.

Instagram @ionieva


The necklace he wears on this version is also key to revealing him. In the video where he appears to be kissing Marina, Íñigo Onieva wears a white stone necklace, an accent he didn’t wear in his earlier activities, presumably, This could be a gift from Tamara FalcoOnce they started their relationship in 2020.


One of the fundamental problems of clarifying a situation is deep inside ‘Banho de Folhas’ (Maz Remix) sound, electronic music by Luedji Luna & Maz April 2022. Another very sturdy look.

bottle with Lula brand

As if that wasn’t enough, the Íñigo and Lula Membership branded canteen can be seen in the 30-second clip, the nightclub he belongs to And it will open in the heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía by the end of 2021. The challenge marked him as a businessman on the planet that night.

Tamara Falcó, at her worst

Tamara took refuge with her family, and even Anna Boyer made an emergency landing in Madrid from Qatar to help her sister in these delicate times. Also, Tamara hurt Inigo so much that she would give him an ultimatum: “He urged him to take his problems out of the house and find other different people to live in”Leticia Requejo is a consultant in the “AR Project”,

Íñigo Onieva’s conflict may have made Tamara Falcó abruptly downgrading their relationship
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Íñigo Onieva’s conflict may have made Tamara Falcó abruptly downgrading their relationship
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Íñigo Onieva’s conflict may have made Tamara Falcó abruptly downgrading their relationship
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