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The Father Of Mayor Mauricio Tabe Threatened An Employee With A Knife For Closing His Taqueria & More Latest News Here

Mauricio Tabe’s father reacts violently to the closure of a taqueria (Pic: Twitter/@ObservaMH)

it went viral on social media rebound He has Mauricio Tabe’s fathermayor Mayor Miguel Hidalgo, Before the closure of a family business in the Escandón community.

Taklia Don Eraki Closed for alleged violations. Given this, The mayor’s father was incensed and threatened one of the many closing managers with a knife.

workers Administrative verification agency (Invea) Skilled moment of pressure, when the man threatened to stab him in the neck and verbally threatened him with, “I made it, you son of a bitch. I’m going to crucify you.”

Witnesses reacted to the attack and asked the attackers to relax, and he responded by throwing insults at them. In the recordings documenting the incident, the person may be heard indignantly responding: “Settle down and look at **taxi***. Pray for the chin kids ****”.

The taqueria of the Mauricio Tabe family will be closed because it is located on a residential site (Photo: Facebook/@Gustavo García Arias)
The taqueria at Mauricio Tabe’s home will be closed as it is on a residential site (Photo: Fb/@Gustavo García Arias)

The business opened on August 18. From that moment on, it was determined that its opening was abnormal due to the following reasons. It is on a property that may be used for residence.

surface out to protect him family by making sure they have victim of bullying The illegal taco business is an invention of the opposition to institutionally sustain its false accusations. The mayor found out on his Twitter account:

“Starting yesterday, they started a marketing campaign to attack and intimidate my family. They invented he had an ‘illegal’ taco business of which I was a part. They used these establishments to officialize their Lies. His despair knows no bounds.”

Mauricio Tabe is speculated to be an accomplice of the company Grupo Don Eraki, SA de CV C20 people participated and 4 individuals with the same last name and an equal share of the remainder.

This fact has been criticized by supporters of the federal government of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), such as producer Epigmenio Ibarra, who wrote on social networks:

“In the face of Don Eraki taqueria, owned by the Mauricio Tabe family, suspended for construction violations, this is what happened; the protagonist is the mayor’s father. How do we describe the act?

In response, customers left feedback similar to “they are used to the fact that no one can do or say anything to them, they work without permission, do whatever they want, currently they are troubled, and their response is violence , but the unpleasant factor is that it doesn’t happen anything…” or “We’ll see if @SSC_CDMX does one thing as serious as the case. Officer integrity and life at immediate risk , or they’ll leave in another anecdote.”

A future that predates the peak of the presidency Claudia Simbaum Asked about the plot. The most popular officials do not comment until the corresponding physical intervention. She’s just famous:

“Whether it’s true or not, it’s unfortunate, and we’ll have a de facto assessment by Invea and we’ll see if the Comptroller opens an investigation”

Regarding possible sanctions for Tabe, Sheinbaum noted: “Let’s see, before we take the initiative, we’re going to evaluate, naturally Invea will have its participation and comptroller who may have outlined sanctions“.

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Mayor Mauricio Tabe’s father threatened a worker with a knife to close his Mexican fast food restaurant
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Mayor Mauricio Tabe’s father threatened a worker with a knife to close his Mexican fast food restaurant
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Mayor Mauricio Tabe’s father threatened a worker with a knife to close his Mexican fast food restaurant
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