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The Search At Luceño’s House For The Case Of The Masks Found A Plate From The CNI & More Latest News Here

register at home Alberto Luceno found one CNI badgeIn addition to playing cards from the Police and Protection Department, It is now necessary to analyze its authenticity. This was said in the secret part of the “mask case” proposed this Monday, and laSexta has been able to gain full access.

Anti-corruption prosecutors suspect Luceño, by millionaire commission Who profited from first selling medical supplies to Madrid City Council amid the pandemic, Will forge letters from San Chin ChoonMalaysian supplier, sent to court, during which time I exempted them He and his colleague Luis Medina.

Therefore, Anti-Corruption justifies registration by “Rough Transcription” Spanish-English for assumed messages Yamamaharuwhich “has some grammatical errors indicating that it was written by someone Not only can he not speak English accurately, but his native language is Spanish“.

For example, he quotes the expression “Certainly for Mr. Alberto Luceño, not for Mr. Medina”Use the phrase “indefension” (which doesn’t exist in English), or use the phrase “sojabean” and the correct time period could be “soybean”.

Search Luceño’s home and workplace

According to the certificate of registration, found on the domicile of the charging agent “Badge holder with National Intelligence Center agent badge“, a white and blue card from the CNI, a photo of the individual under investigation, and 6 sheets of paper with card imprints from CNI, DS, Department of Protection, National Police Corps and CNI clippings.

Inside Luceno’s workplaceMeanwhile, a submitted cabinet was confiscated, the backbone of which read “kn95 mask, antigen test and nitrile gloves”A plastic sheet containing 14 pages of Madrid City Council, screenshots of WeChat conversations and several other pen and hard drives.

The anti-corruption also justified these registrations, that is, the opposite charging agent, louis medinaIn addition to the different witnesses who have testified in court, Luceño has also sent messages and emails with completely different people, but Luceño You have not submitted anything to confirm your relationship with the Malaysian businessman: No messages, no emails, or anything else that proves he’s the only real agent of Leno’s company.

The prosecutor’s workplace also recorded information it used to reinforce instructions aggravated fraud Allegedly consecrated by Luceño, could be jailed for 4 to 8 years.

Found a plate from CNI while looking for mask boxes at home in Lucerno
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Found a plate from CNI while looking for mask boxes at home in Lucerno
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Found a plate from CNI while looking for mask boxes at home in Lucerno
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