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The Seasonal Flu Vaccine Protects Against Infections, Severe Cases And Deaths & More Latest News Here

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seasonal flu
Seasonal influenza is an illness caused by infection with the influenza virus that primarily affects the respiratory tract. Symptoms range from mild to extreme: hyperthermia usually grade 40, chills and sweats, headache, dry cough, fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea, usually in children.

Usually in healthy young people, the flu returns after every two weeks, but in some susceptible people, the infection can be severe, if not fatal.
Seasonal influenza kills 300,000 to 650,000 people each year. Among the many threats: age over 65, persistent medical conditions regardless of age, such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, immune system problems, pregnant girls, weight problems…

Antibiotics work on microbes, not viruses. Don’t want to use them to deal with the flu. Doctors only prescribe these antibiotics in cases of bacterial infection secondary to the initial infection. Treatment is usually largely based on healthy young adults, based on relaxation and plenty of fluids. In some cases, doctors can prescribe antiviral drugs.

This A cold is not cold. Although each is Respiratory disease, completely different virus. Flu symptoms are sudden, stronger, and more varied. In the case of a cold, the onset of symptoms is gradual, which boil down to a few complications, low-grade fever and runny nose, which are severe and varied.

Significance of seasonal flu vaccination
Seasonal flu affects thousands of people each cold season, some with mild symptoms, others requiring hospitalization, intensive care, and thousands of deaths due to the flu. .

Influenza epidemics also stress hospitals and health professionals, and cause considerable absenteeism among work and faculty, with important implications for social life and the financial cycles of businesses and countries.

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Getting the flu vaccine every year can reduce the risk of catching the virus and infecting others by up to 90%. It greatly protects from extreme situations and death. The flu shot is a protected vaccine, and its advantages far outweigh some of the minor side effects on the injection site, such as pain and redness.

priority team.

Anyone as young as six months old can benefit from the vaccine, which is thought to be very useful to them medically.However, some teams have priority for the following reasonsthey are redundant more likely to have serious problems with the flu:

1- All persons aged 65 and above,

2- All people with persistent disease: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer…

3- Pregnant girls in any aspect of pregnancy.

4- Healthcare professionals protect their patients and themselves in order to have the ability to address the stress of healthcare requests at intervals that require their presence more than ever.
Vaccines must start in October, and one shot is obsolete for adults and children over the age of 9. Provides safety two weeks after injection. The vaccine’s effectiveness lasts 6 to 8 months.

Influenza viruses are constantly mutating. Vaccines are customized annually by the World Health Organization against circulating strains.

As in the previous two years, Morocco will use 4 vaccines instead of 3 this year to achieve a broader and more important safety profile.

It is very helpful for susceptible people to get the seasonal flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine to protect them from each disease.

Physicians and researchers in health insurance policies and methods. *

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