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The Touching Story Behind Joe Biden’s Connection To Elton John’s ‘Crocodile Rock’

When Elton John visits the White House at one of the best times of the week, to play six piano solos in the gated yard, the effect could be a flood of memories for President Joe Biden.

Among the many songs in John’s set file — including “Your Track,” “Little Dancer,” and “Rocketman” — is one that’s crucial to the soundtrack to the president’s life: “Gator Rock.”


Biden, 79, first met John, 75, through his role as vice president, when the two appeared separately at Jimmy Kimmel Dwell!

According to John’s husband, David Furnish, Biden took aim at the tune’s importance with his first rally.

Speaking with the Washington Press, Furnish talked about how Biden outlined how he used to “note on car rides with his two sons, Tracker and Beau, after the death of his most memorable companion, Neilia and his daughter.” Crocodile Rock” Naomi, in a catastrophic accident 50 years ago.

The death of Biden’s most memorable companion and 13-month-old daughter, Naomi, in a 1972 car crash (where his sons were rightly injured) is the foundation of his story as a lawmaker, and happened when he was elected. After being probably mainly the youngest man, however, he used to be a senator before he was confirmed.

Later, the tune had a new twist, meaning Biden sang it to Beau — who died seven years ago at age 46 — while he was hospitalized with thoughts of terminal cancer.

While at Furnish Education Publishing, Biden even sang the song to Beau while he was unconscious, telling his son that he met the singer and heard the tune.

“[Beau] Not regaining consciousness. Anyway, we all know he was grinning, and you admit, that definitely sparked a thing,” Furnish said of the publication of the Biden story.

“So we realized it was a real tour tune, and that’s what the president is really touring. So it was necessary for Elton to include it in the series.”

The emotional effect culminated when President Biden wooed the singer with the National Humanities Medal, which brought John to tears.

“Elton had absolutely no idea that he would get a medal.

It’s very rare to see Elton show shock on a factor, and when it gets appropriate here, he’s utterly stunned,” Furnish Education Publishing. “And everyone felt the love. “

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