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The Voice Recap: Parijita Bastola, Tanner Fussell – Blind Auditions

The chair swivels like a hip, flipping throughout Tuesday night’s episode sound as weAlong with Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Camila Cabello, an affable Sean Mendes, a country boy, may be the most lucrative in positioning smile yellowstone parkThe Case and a contestant who made history for the present. as? Go ahead and we’ll talk about not just them, but all the upcoming artists on Blind Nights IV.

voice summarises parijita bastola tanner fussell blind testTanner Howe (Workforce Gwen), “Mercy” – Grade: C | The 29-year-old took to the stage knowing he was about to play a Sean Mendes tune in front of the pop star’s ex, Camilla.However, although she did not flip her chair, she used to be Very impressed with the so-called equality of voices. “I believe that was Sean,” she said. I’m not sure how Sean would take that, you think, considering that Tanner was each “off” and “on” when he wasn’t really singing in full.

Sydney Kronmiller (Workforce Camila), “Latch” – Grade: B+ | Okay, so maybe Labour Black’s Madison Hughes no Probably the most unique voice in season 22. Sydney may have stolen the award with her laid-back efficiency, kudos to Tracy Chapman.this is not sydney alone Totally different, but addressing the question with one voice, “How deep can you go?” with “How deep do you want to go?” She also shows a management ability for the whistle, which is very good for her future.

voice summarises parijita bastola tanner fussell blind testTanner Fussell (Workforce Blake), “Anymore” – Grade: B | The Nashville landscaper’s voice may vary from yordle to growl, and he’s only bought a flip chair, but it’s certainly accurate for him. If he’s carrying chewing tobacco in the back of a pickup truck, he can’t sound like typical country.In fact, he may need will have Chewing tobacco on his cheek; bought some of these lyrics very vague, isn’t it?

Eva Ulmman (Workforce Blake), “Lights On” – Grade: C+ | What is the little thing – and I Do Rarely is widely spread – we’ve heard of single chair swivels and she’s pretty awesome, but simply amazing. Nice, barely sticky, never immediately memorable. In practice, however, we rarely hear her efficiency enough that it needs to be given an “I” for incompleteness.

voice summarises parijita bastola tanner fussell blind testKayla Von Der Heide (Workforce Gwen), “The Jealous Man” – Rated: C | Before her trial, the 30-year-old revealed that she was usually told her voice sounded more like it was from another time period. Sure, I might hear that; it also has the high quality of a pleasing whisky soak. Gwen likened it to the combination of Fiona Apple and Stevie Nicks. I might describe it as a mix of “pretty good” and “almost good”. Good but not convincing.

Future Leigh (Workforce Gwen), “A Music for You” – Grade: B- | The other is simply blind. We got a little vocal from Future and everything I could say was something I needed to hear more.If she’s a powerhouse as her coach says, at least let’s hear it This half, right?

voice summarises parijita bastola tanner fussell blind testEric Who (Labour Camilla), “The Villain” – Rating: C- | The other is short-term. His coach loved his stage presence and tone. But judging from the little pattern we bought of him singing Billie Eilish, I really felt he had to stick to his character.

Parijita Bastola (Labour Legend), “Jealous” – Grade: A | First Nepalese-American candidate in U.S. history voice, this 17-year-old spins all 4 teaching chairs with a near-perfect maze cover that has it all: enthusiasm, energy, and runs so long and complex, they could be intertwined like a maze. (I have a bit of a Jennifer Hudson vibe.) Parijita is definitely another one to watch.

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Voice Review: Parijita Bastola, Tanner Fussell – Blind Test

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