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This Is How The March Against The Petro Government Ended In Bogotá & More Latest News Here


Since President Gustavo Petro took office on August 7, 2022, more than 5,000 people have staged a new day of demonstrations in Bogota, protesting to express their support for President Gustavo Petro’s administration. dissatisfied.

There is a full two-field registration concentration and later mobilization. The main factor is the National Park located in the city center, where most people arrive, and from there they have an advantage in the direction of Plaza Bolivar. Still, in the Carrera Séptima on 26th Street, those who left minutes earlier from the Memorial to the Fallen Heroes joined.

However, a few hours later, when most people started to leave Plaza Bolivar, young people in the federal government who needed to help President Gustavo Petro reached a similar level.

The reality is that the two departments sometimes push, hit, and even spit.This prompted coexistence managers to intervene to quell problems and prevent attacks from continuing and intensifying over time.

Sadly, no matter how hard the coexistence managers try, it’s inconceivable that people inside Plaza Bolivar don’t attack each other. In total, five district officials were injured.

In a W Radio movie you will be able to see in a few minutes how, Battle intensifies to get access to police drive Congress needsAfter they tried to dismantle the barricades to continue the fight between helpers and supporters of the authorities.

This is how the march towards the oil authorities led to Bogota
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This is how the march towards the oil authorities led to Bogota
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This is how the march towards the oil authorities led to Bogota
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