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Tucker Carlson points out damage to Biden connection to Nord Stream pipeline

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has held President Joe Biden responsible for damage to Russia’s Nord Stream fuel pipeline, claiming the president vowed to “blow up” the pipeline earlier this 12 months.

None of the Nord Stream pipelines, supposedly carrying pure fuel from Russia to Germany, were running when a major spill in the Baltic occurred on Monday. Leaders in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have all concluded that the leak may have been the result of “sabotage” or other “deliberate” actions, while seismologists said the leak had been preceded by an explosion.

While the cause of the explosion and pipeline injury has yet to be determined, some suspect that Biden or Russian President Vladimir Putin may be responsible.Via His Gifts, which aired Tuesday night Tucker Carlson tonightThe Fox Information host dismissed the notion that Putin was behind the leak before suggesting it could be Biden.

“If you were Vladimir Putin, you would need to be a suicidal fool to blast your personal energy line — a factor you would never do,” Carlson said. “Pure fuel pipelines are your main source of energy and wealth. Most importantly, your impact on different countries.”

Tucker Carlson Joe Biden Nord Stream Russia
Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is pictured during an event in Esztergom, Hungary, on August 7, 2021. Carlson on Tuesday directed President Joe Biden to be responsible for damage to Russia’s Nord Stream pure fuel pipeline.
Janos Cuomo/Getty Photos

“Blowing up Nord Stream will not help Vladimir Putin,” he added. “He won’t try this. Why should he? However, that doesn’t mean different countries won’t think about it. They might think about it and we all know they think about it because at least one of them each Individuals say so publicly.”

Carlson then played a clip of Biden discussing the pipeline less than three weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The president said the United States would ensure the “completeness” of the Nord Stream 2 project if the Russian invasion continued.

“If Russia invades … then Nord Stream 2 could disappear,” Biden said at a joint information conference with Prime Minister Olaf Scholz on Feb. 7. “We’re going to end this.”

When asked by reporters how the U.S. would “end” the pipeline, Biden didn’t specify, but responded: “I promise you, we’ll do it.”

“Discover how he expressed it,” Carlson said after participating in the editing. “He didn’t say: ‘I’m going to suspend fuel deliveries from Russia to Germany.’ He said there probably won’t be Nord Stream 2. We’re going to finish it. We’re going to shut it down. We’re going to blow it up.”

Carlson went on to say that Biden could also be responsible for “environmental terrorism” and said the president was not “one particular person” in his administration proposing the attack on Nord Stream 2.

He cited feedback from State Department official Victoria Nuland, who said in January that the pipeline “would not be diverted earlier” if Russia invaded Ukraine “in one way or another.”

“Wanting again after eight months, those phrases are chilling,” Carlson said. “If pure fuel goes into the Baltic and into the environment…would a Biden administration really do something like this?”

“We’re not going to say anything positive,” he continued. “We don’t know if it’s positive… We’ll let you know that Biden White House allies think they’ve done it most practically.”

Carlsen referred to feedback from Polish MP for the European Parliament and former Polish conservation minister Radek Sikorski, who tweeted “Thank you” after he posted a photo of the fuel spilling into the ocean on Tuesday. ,U.S”.

Nord Stream 2 was completed in the last 12 months, but was not opened in Germany due to the conflict in Ukraine. Nord Stream 1 has been shut down since late August, with Russia blaming technical problems before saying the pipeline would not be restored until war-related sanctions on Moscow are lifted.

White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said at a news conference on Tuesday that she would not “speculate” on the cause of the current pipeline damage, including that the Biden administration “supports” European allies “once they have completed their investigations.” .”

Information week The White House has been contacted for comment.

Tucker Carlson rules out injury from Biden connection to Nord Stream pipeline

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