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Tyler Perry addresses previous criticism of Spike Lee: I ‘heard it all’

Tyler Perry opens up about his Madea franchise critic with Spike Lee.

Given that Perry and Lee have settled their public debate about what Perry’s early work deserves, who’s talking to Chris Wallace? Host Chris Wallace asked Perry for an initial response to Lee’s criticism. The writer/director of “Jazz Blues” “hears every little thing” (by individuals) before saying that “there must be a section of our society, especially black people in tradition, who look down on certain issues in tradition”.

“I love the films I make because they are the people I grew up with, the people I portray,” Perry continued. “My mom would take me on assignments on weekends, for example. She would play cards with these ladies. Most of them weren’t 12th graders, but their stories and how they liked each other and how they felt about each other The way after something you can engage in and joke about is not satisfied. I was who I was 5 years ago and I lied on the ground with my matchbox playing cards. I used to master lessons all my life.”

Perry added, “So when someone says, ‘You’re back in our lives to a point where we don’t need to talk about or we don’t need the world to see,’ you’re rejecting tens of millions of stories. Millions of people.” Black. That’s why I believe it’s so lucrative, because it resonates with so many of us who know these ladies through these experiences, and Uncle Joe and more. However, it is vital to me that I respect the people who came out and taught me and made me who I am. Their stories should also be told. “

Perry also recently said that bad reviews for the “Madea” film made his “Jazz Blues” epic more enduring.

Oscar winner Lee had previously called Perry’s work “Joker,” and said that while the “Madea” series made big money and corrupted data, “we could probably do better.”

“A lot of things are on us. You vote with your pockets, your pockets, your time,” Lee said of Perry’s fans. “This guy has a huge audience, and he’s very sensible about his performance. At the same time, it’s just the photos that bother me.”

In 2011, Perry told the Wall Street Journal that he hid feedback from Lee about his work.

“I’m tired of hearing about fucking Spike Lee,” Perry said at the time. “Spike can go straight to hell! You can print it out. I’m sick of him talking about me, I’m sick of him saying, ‘That’s a raccoon, that’s a clown. I’m sick of him – he’s talking about Whoopi [Goldberg], he talked about Oprah, he talked about me, he talked about Clint Eastwood. Spike has to fuck off! “

Earlier in the 12-month period, Perry said in June 2022 that while Lee was “very outspoken about my work,” Lee’s storied film career fulfilled Perry’s potential. Perry eventually named one of his vocal stages after the director of “BlacKKKlansman.”

“I respect him because I don’t care what he says, how can I ignore his contributions,” Perry said at the time. “If he hadn’t shown what he did, I wouldn’t be here.”

After the ceremony, Lee wrote to Perry on Instagram, “God bless and keep doing God’s work.”

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Tyler Perry addresses earlier criticism of Spike Lee: I ‘heard it all’

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