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Tyler West Brother Lewis West, his mother Debbie raised him as a single parent

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Lewis West is Taylor West’s older brother.A single mother raises two men

Tyler is now a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. On the show, he was paired with Diane Buswell.

Since dedicating his performance to his mother, he has received a lot of attention online. The TV and radio host is ready to step out of his comfort zone and dance.

Taylor West
Taylor West

Lewis West is older than his younger brother Taylor West

Debbie Mitchell has two children. Lewis is the eldest son and Taylor the youngest. Taylor is a radio and television host. In 2020, he co-hosted the EE BAFTA Awards 2020 live on the red carpet with Facebook and hosted the MTV podcast Celebrity Ex on the Beach.

He started BBC three’s Flat Out Fabulous in 2021 with singer and interior designer Whinnie Williams. Likewise, he is currently a participant in the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, which is in its 20th season.

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lewis has a company

Lewis runs West Bakes, an online bakery in Epsom, Surrey. He runs it with the help of his girlfriend Yasmin.

Their store sells New York style homemade cookies and ships across the UK. They offer packages for corporate events, one-off gifts, birthdays, weddings, and any other event you can think of.

They say they can accommodate large events and have partnered with the UK’s largest sugar producer to supply them with 8,000 biscuits.

Taylor West is his younger brother. Not only does he bake, but he also sings and writes songs. The handle of the 31-year-old IG has a video of his cover. He posted a video of himself singing on a separate Instagram account.

Lewis is getting married to Yasmin.

Lewis and his girlfriend Yasmin have been engaged for some time. They are all on each other’s social media pages, although no one knows about their relationship.

They are partners in life and business, but it is unclear when they plan to marry. Yasmin helps Lewis start their joint online bakery business.

Taylor, on the other hand, is still nobody. But he said he hopes to find true love while continuing to practice dancing. He also said that not many people have signed up for his DMS.

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Taylor West’s mum Debbie raised him

Taylor West is very close to his mother. Even his dance in “Dance Up” was a gift for her. She will be a nurse working for the NHS.

Debbie is an NHS employee

Debbie has been a nurse for 21 years. She takes care of two children by herself. She struggled to make ends meet, but she never told her two sons.

Taylor grew up in Croydon, South London. There, he was exposed to racism. There was a lot of crime in the neighborhood they lived in, but his mother kept him and his brother on track.

He dedicated the show to his mother

Taylor said he danced for the most important woman in his life: his mother. After their father left when they were young, she raised him and his brother alone.

She loved the show so much that Taylor moved back in with his mother while he was on the job. He often says on social media that he loves his mother very much.

He also said that going to the show would be outside his comfort zone, but he was just as excited about it, and it meant a lot to him and his family.

She was rushed to hospital last month

Last month, Taylor’s mother suddenly fell ill and he had to call an ambulance for her. At first he thought the worst, afraid of losing her. He said he was very concerned, adding: “When you’re running a million miles an hour, it reminds you to stop and call your loved ones.”

He said he felt powerless at the time. It’s an infection, but she’s fine now, which makes him happy. At the time, he shared a photo of an emergency room waiting room showing his story.

He didn’t say anything at the time, but he told fans he was fine and he was in the hospital because of a family emergency. But Mirror recently said it was his mother who was hospitalized.

family taylor west

Taylor West grew up in South London with his brother and mother. Lewis is proud of how much his brother did at such a young age.

Tyler is a radio and TV host and DJ. He is currently on Kiss FM on weekday afternoons.

Taylor West Taylor West
Taylor West

His father was born and raised in Jamaica

Mark, Lewis and Taylor’s father left when they were very young. Only their mothers take care of them. However, the children kept in touch with their fathers. In the photos on their social media, it appears that both sons are spending a lot of time with their father.

Their father was also British, but he was originally from Jamaica in the West Indies. Taylor has said he has dealt with racism since he was a child, but he says it only made him stronger.

Tyler comes from a mixed background, and grew up having a hard time figuring out who he was. His mother, who is from England, didn’t know what to say to her when the children told her about the bad things that had happened.

What is Taylor West?

Tyler West is an English-language television and radio host.

How old is Taylor West?

Tyler West was born on April 1, 1996 and is 26 years old.

Does Taylor West have a girlfriend?

Taylor West doesn’t have a girlfriend.

your life and work

Taylor Mark West was born on 1 April 1996 in Sutton, South London. He started playing handball at a young age and was in the England national team as a young man. He started his entertainment career by hosting shows for children on CBBC, such as Game of the Day Kickabout, Blue Peter and others. In 2017, West started hosting MTV News, where he talks about entertainment and news trends every week. In 2018, West became one of the hosts of the live quiz game HQ Trivia. He also runs his own podcast, Every Day Hustle, from August to November, where each week he talks with a different guest about how they became creators, entrepreneurs, or inventors.

In 2019, West became the host of Kiss FM radio. His first shift is Monday through Thursday from 7 to 11 pm. Six months later, he started hosting Kiss Drive Time Monday-Friday from 4-7 p.m. and has been doing so ever since. West co-hosted the 2020 EE BAFTA Awards red carpet live with Facebook and hosted a podcast for MTV’s Celebrity Ex on the Beach. West will start his interior design show Flat Out Fabulous for millennials on BBC Three in 2021. He collaborated with singer and interior designer Whinnie Williams. He was also told he would be the host of the online show The MTV Movie Show. In August 2022, it was announced that West would be a contestant on the 20th season of the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. West said he was “pissed off” when he joined the lineup.

Tyler West Biography – Tyler West Wiki

Tyler West is a British TV and radio presenter, podcaster, ambassador and DJ. His full name is Taylor Mark West. He is currently on Kiss FM on weekday afternoons. In August 2022, it was announced that Taylor would be one of the celebrities featured on the 20th season of BBC One’s reality show Dance Up.

The man from Sutton, south London, played handball and had the opportunity to play for the British national team as a young man. He started out in children’s television, hosting CBBC’s MOTD KickAbout, Blue Peter and more. In 2017, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an MTV news host. Every week he talks about entertainment and the latest news.

He is also the lead host of the LEGO YouTube Network, host of HQ Trivia and creator of the podcast “Every Day Hustle”. Tyler joined the Kiss FM team in 2019 and his first shift is Monday-Thursday 7pm-11pm.He later became the host of Kiss Drive Time, which airs Monday-Friday from 4-7pm

In 2020, Tyler hosted the MTV podcast Celebrity Ex on the Beach and partnered with Facebook to host the EE BAFTA Awards red carpet live performance. He is also the host of BBC Three’s Flat Out Fabulous and the MTV Movie Show.

Strictly Come Dancing: Taylor West

Taylor, 26, was a contestant on Season 20 of Dancing Live. He wrote on Instagram that he’ll be on the show on August 8: “So this is happening and it feels surreal, but I’m so excited about what’s coming and join the Strictly Come Dancing family and give me those sequins , let me cut some shapes. Thanks in advance for your help. My asthma pump, I appreciate it.”

Tyler said of the cast joining Strictly Come Dancing in 2022: “I’m so excited to be joining the Strictly family! As soon as I started writing, my hands started cramping. It’s going to be a crazy and amazing ride that will definitely take me away from comfort. District. This is a show that means so much to me and my family, and I can’t wait to really rock a leg on the shiny dance floor…and the sequined side.”

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